Personal Statement: M.A. in Graphic Design Communication Essay

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Personal Statement: M.A. in Graphic Design Communication

I believe I am more than qualified to be considered for admission in the school’s Masters in Graphic Design Communication program as I possess the needed knowledge, skills, experience, and most of all, attitude, which would allow me to become successful in the field. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Graph Design Communication and received my M. A. certificate in Marketing in 2008. Basically, I consider these as two of the most important accomplishments in my life as they have enabled me to fully utilize my skills and made me grow as an artist.

I consider Graphic Design Communication as my bread and butter because it allows me freely express my inner feelings and thoughts and in the process, showcase my talents. I have always been the type of person who has always shown the willingness to express myself and I believe that the best way to do so is through the various activities I perform in my course. I also find little difficulty in adapting to the challenges presented to me because I have always shown superb creativity and confidence in everything that I do.

As a student in Graphic Design Communication, I can honestly say that I performed very well and showed that I deserve to be in that course. I always ensured that I prioritize my education above anything else because I know that it will serve as an important foundation for my future. I developed good study habits while at the same time allocating enough time for my family and other activities that fostered my growth as a person.

I was also very active in extracurricular activities in school, particularly those that involved the arts because I realized that as a student and a budding artist, I cannot learn everything in the classroom and I must seek other sources of knowledge and information. I consider those extracurricular activities as an excellent ground for me to hone my skills and talents which I would no doubt be able to put into good use in the future. On the other hand, my experience in the field of marketing has allowed me to incorporate my skills in graphic design communication in the advertising and selling of products and goods.

The field also helped me further develop myself as an artist and provided me with a renewed sense of creativity. However, I believe that what sets me apart from the others is my enthusiasm in the field of graphic design communication and the arts in general. I have always had the passion for art and design and I constantly update myself with latest information and trends in the field. I am basically the type of person who constantly seeks to learn new things and lessons as this would contribute to my over-all growth.

Furthermore, I am also the type of person who has high standards in most aspects of my life. In school, I always made sure that I maintained good grades. As an artist, I constantly review and assess my work because I want to ensure that my finished product or piece is of the highest quality. In other words, throughout my entire life, I have never settled for mediocrity nor have I ever accepted results that are below standards. This attitude of mine generally enabled me to become a person who constantly seeks self-improvement.

Most of all, I believe I would carry this attitude with me as I seek higher education. In short, my array of skills and talents, my vast knowledge, my positive attitude towards life, and most of all, my passion for my course would not doubt enable me to make an impact on the field of Graphics Design Communication. If I am fortunate and blessed enough to accepted, I would utilize all my skills and work very hard so that in the future, I can become a versatile, well-rounded, and highly competent professional in my field.

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