Personal Statement For University Essay

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Personal Statement For University

My intended major is Economics. My main interest in Economics lies in the field of macroeconomics and the principles that are involved. Macroeconomics has a way of showing how different policies are intertwined; such has policies in Healthcare regarding retirement benefits to how the world’s interest rate plays a role in our daily banking activities. When I graduated from kindergarten, I lived in Shanghai for a while because of my father’s job.

At that time, of course I could not speak Chinese so I faced language barrier. However, I had such as experience so I have been interested in Chinese and other countries’ culture from my parents’ influence. I started to learn English, French (when I was junior high school student) and Chinese (when I was high school student) and I went to classroom which is for studying Japanese for foreigner country children to assist.

To be interested in learning foreign languages lead me to be interested in foreign countries’ culture and also I felt strongly interested in economics such as what my country economy is, how economic growth is going on in the world, if America economics situation changed, how it influenced to the world and so on with age. From that I started to be interested in activities of international authorization and it led me to be interested in the United Nations. On 12 May, 2008 Sichuan earthquake made me focus on world economics more than before. The earthquake killed many children. I had strong impact when I watched on TV.

Some parents said “My child died because of school building is an old! Children who are rich could go good quality building school so they could survive! This is not a Natural disaster! This is Man-made disaster! ”. Some of children “I want to say thank you to my school to save my life”. It told the gap between rich people and poor people. I had very big mistake thinking that in China’s economy is growing up very much so I thought the gap between rich and poor is going to disappear. I want to remove this gap so I want to study about world economics and I want to work for United Nation. I am not a greedy or selfish person.

I am driven, straightforward and ambitious. I know what I want to be in life and I know how to get what I want. I too have come to love consumerist America and all the creature comforts that it promises to those who can afford them. While I have no intention of becoming a Donald Trump, I do wish for a comfortable life for myself and my family. To be able to provide for my family and to ensure that my children will also have the same opportunities to succeed in life as I have by getting a good education at not only the college level but a Masters degree as well in their chosen professions.

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