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Personal Statement Example

Before my fascination for the media world developed, I, like everyone else was subconsciously a part of it. The news that was on TV, the magazines that I read and the commercials that urged me to buy the products I bought. The media and the world it creates around us are always there whether we are aware of it or not. When I became a media student it was like learning the tricks of the trade, I felt like I was being let in on all these secrets and I loved knowing why the media did things and how they accomplished them.

By studying media at a degree level I feel I will be able to enhance my interest for the subject as well as expand my current knowledge and be able to gain new skills that will enable me to both advance and flourish within this area as well as taking great pleasure in doing so. I have been involved in different aspects of media for many years. When studying Media at A Level as a BTEC Advanced Subsidiary Diploma, I worked on producing a variety of media projects including creating and editing a 5 minute video with the use of single camera techniques and producing and editing a full length music video.

As well as participating in media related tasks on an educational level, I have taken my interest out side of just academic projects by becoming a member of a local photography club of which I am also the design editor of their monthly photography magazine a feat of which I am very proud. I am very enthusiastic when it comes to my photography club as it entitles me more time to focus on photo shoots with professional equipment that I would not otherwise have access to.

By being design editor for the club’s magazine as well it allows me to play different editing software such as Photoshop therefore providing me with a clearer understanding on how to work it. In the summer of 2012 I undertook work experience with an animation studio, which taught young children the basics of animation and stop motion. I myself greatly gained from the experience as I was helping the children hands on with making their short animations, which enabled me to learn other skills, required for when producing videos such as these.

Along with media I am undertaking ICT and Photography A levels as I feel that both of them can greatly aid me in a media orientated direction. I believe photography; will help me substantially as it enables me to practice different editing techniques that could enhance m videos further. My outside interests span a wide variety. I love to read, some of my favorite authors being ”JRR Tolkien” and ”JK Rowling”. I also like to draw and have recently had some of my work tattooed on fellow friends and family.

Photography and graphic designs are huge personal passions of mine; they give me the ability to express myself in a creative and positive way. Media is a huge part of both my academic and personal life and I truly feel that my placement on this course would help me achieve my future career ambitions in the media world. Living so far away from home whilst on the course would also help me gain vital independence and life skills.

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