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Personal Statement

Paragraph 1: interests which inspired me to choose the certain course, describe myself. Paragraph 2: what I am studying at school and how it relates to my picked subject course in university. Paragraph 3: extracurricular activities and outside events, what experiences that are relevant. I am very hard working, love getting a job done to the specified standard and I use my own initiative effectively. Although I am not very confident I have the confidence to speak up for myself and get my opinion across. I would very much like to study a degree in marketing and computing, this is because my interests have always been in computers and looking at different things that would look and sell for on the market today. Someday when I have earned enough money I would love to go and travel around the whole world, this has been one of my dreams for a long time and I think this type of degree will give me that opportunity. I have looked into much more detail in what type of course to do with these things I have mentioned above and I would like to go into computer science and marketing (combining the two). My dad has also inspired me because he has been working hard all of his life in the business and insurance industry, I have been to a few open days of his work place and I really liked the look of it. I am a very open minded person and love to work in a team of people to get a job done quickly and efficiently. During the course of the school terms I chose certain things in my options that would really give me in depth opportunities when I leave school to go to university. At the moment I am currently studying: ICT, Photography, Financial studies and BTEC Sport. These subjects I really enjoy and that’s the reason why I chose both of them. My favourite subject of them all is definitely ICT because I have excelled in it and have finished the year 12 work well before the deadline that it needs to be in by. My other subject photography I really enjoy because taking pictures with high quality camera’s gives you the chance to capture moments which you see in everyday life. These subjects which I have picked relate to the courses which I have been looking at because financial studies will give me the knowledge which I would need if I was going to go into marketing. Also my capabilities in ICT are obvious from my grades which I have achieved from this year already and would aspire to get into a course which involves both of these. ICT has given me the opportunity to explore the ins and out of a computer and learnt how to solve things.

It gives me the knowledge to know how to do things when they go wrong and gives me experience in all situations in the technology world. I do not do any extracurricular activity in my spare time; I have tried all different sports but it did not work out for some of them. In my life I have not had any experiences in my life which are relevant to my subject choice; the only experience which I have had was given the opportunity to run an eBay shop for one day. This made me think of what it is like to be under pressure in the business world and the study of my subjects enhances my knowledge of what has to be done to achieve the job. I have a part time job with my Mum and her partner; they run two eBay shops on the internet and make a lot of money. I have the responsibility of printing out the orders in bulk to be sorted through and processed to be posted. It is a very hard work job because you are always standing up bending down and picking things up. Throughout my schooling life, my computing skills and techniques which I have learnt allow me to process information and analyse them making money at the same time. These skills which I have learnt in the 7 years studying ICT I am going to put into the subject and university course which I have chosen. The reason why I want to apply to go to university is because I have always wanted to enhance my skills and learn in much greater detail what I have learnt. I also want to experience the university life because everyone who I have spoken to says it’s the best thing that they have ever done. My brother is at university at the moment and he is studying advertising, this is something also which I will look. Not only do I want to enhance my learning in great detail but I want to learn new life skills and learn how to live on my own, I rely on my family at the moment and would like to start to live and look after myself. At the minute in my personal life cycle where I can learn more in a certain job, going to university will let me do that. I want to make the most of my education which I am allowed to, I have been going through school for 12 years for free so it wouldn’t make a difference if I have to pay or not.

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