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Personal statement

There are many schools all over the United States but I personally singled out the University of Central Florida because of its track record and its commitment to the welfare and academic development of its students. I believe in the dynamism of UCF in terms of the diversity of its collegiate environment as well as the academic opportunities available. The performance of UCF is also impressive which is one thing that attracted be to the University as well.

The average SAT score of the University is at 1219 and its average high school grade point average is 3. 76. These figures make me more confident in the standard of academic exposure offered in UCF. Aside from this, I also want learning to be an empowering and enriching experience for me, so I was particularly interested in the University when I learned that its libraries offer more than 1. 9 million volumes of reading materials and 18,000 periodical subscriptions, 11,576 of these are electronic journals and are available on line.

However, over and above all these, what encouraged me to apply to UCF are “its pioneering spirit” and its commitment to giving the students quality education as well as maximum collegiate exposure in both the campus as well as the community. I have faith in what UCF can offer me and to my future. Of course, I am also bent on being able to give back to the University what I am able to in terms of being an asset to UCF.

I am academically industrious and I don’t slink away from school work. I like studying and discipline myself to possess regular study habits. I believe this diligence is very important especially when trying to ensure my own personal development as well as the progress of the community I am in. I am also adept in human relations and interpersonal communication and I believe that this will help me use diversity to my own advantage and development.

I am aware that as an international student from Vietnam there will be problems with adjustment in the beginning; but I am ready and willing to go through the changes in the interest of academic excellence. Perhaps, other than just the interaction that I could offer to the other students of the University, I can also share my culture and Asian heritage to enrich others. This way, I can also encourage acceptance and understanding among various cultures and nationalities currently taking up courses at UCF.

My family owns a contribution business in Vietnam and since I major in business administration – marketing, I am hoping that my first hand experiences in the marketing and personnel relations division of our family business would also be worth sharing to my other colleagues. I am also dedicated to the welfare of communities and of college students. I joined Vietnamese Student Associations in the past to protect and fight for the rights of students from my own country.

I also value the spirit of volunteerism; in fact, I was also a volunteer for the African Community in Seattle. I can personally ensure the UCF community that I would be an asset to the University should I be given the chance. I will try my very best to excel in my studies to further boost the already prestigious name of the college. I will seek opportunities where I could be of help to the entire community and where I could contribute what knowledge I already possess to the other students of the University.

I am a firm believer of interaction and inter-personal relationships and so I will involve myself in activities that would not only be enriching for myself but also for the other students whom I interact with. The diversity of environment in UCF makes me enthusiastic about future opportunities for personal development and empowerment; but most of all, I would like to be the kind of student who not only thinks about oneself but also considers the welfare of other students as well as of the University.

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