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Personal Statement

The drive and initiative to change has always been my motivation to improve and develop. I use it as a tool towards acquiring new skills and competencies that can cultivate and enhance my professional background. Equipped with my relevant goals and objectives, I wish to point out my intention to apply for a Management, Marketing and Society Masters programme in Stockholm University. It has always been my passion to be educated and learn about things and issues that continue to move and lead men and society to various paths.

These societal factors in turn shape us in distinct ways and help us understand the trends happening in our environment. Now, with the introduction of globalization, the concept of borders is slowly deteriorating as people realize the connections and relatedness amidst diversity. My background and understudy of politics and international relations in both University of Leeds and Middle East Technical University has given me the leverage to decipher models and assumptions from both the local and international realm.

These alongside my experiences in both governmental and international organization (AISEC) can cultivate better appreciation of what this programme has to offer. Likewise, my projects and individual studies have encouraged me to diversify my career and dwell on personal and professional development. Examples of these training and seminars revolve around the realms of marketing and management. In the end, with your acceptance I feel that it can help encourage and satisfy my desire to learn.

It can help widen my understanding and comprehension of different factors that continuously shape both our local and global environments. At the same time, by focusing on management and marketing frameworks, I can specialize on issues and ideas that are prevalent in different market-oriented economies. This in turn can make me vibrant and adaptive to the changes happening in our continuous globalizing and expanding society.

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