Personal Statement Essay

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Personal Statement

I have finally realized how hard my mother has worked for me. She came to the U.S. not knowing how to speak English and struggling to find a job to survive. I come to realize why she pushes me to work hard in school. It was important to her that I did not go through the same childhood she went through, she wanted more for me. Listening to my mom telling me about how she struggled through life because of poverty, it made me realize that I cannot let her down. I have the responsibility to live up to my true potential, not only for her but for myself. Even with all the challenges that my mother has faced, she still managed to raise me and love me.

One of the major obstacles that I come across throughout my life is coming from a family that came to the U.S. without having relatives here to help. Having to help my mother with documents she couldn’t read or understand made my life more difficult because I have to help her and help myself, while maintaining good grades in school. Having a mother who can not read English was very tedious. As much as I hated having to spend my own time helping my mother out, it gave me valuable skills that may be helpful for me in the future. For example, it gave me an opportunity to communicate in Spanish and further expand my vocabulary, which is useful because it can come in handy when looking for a job. I came from a family that is supportive and strict most of the time. Achieving goals in life and doing the best I can in school are one of the key things that my mother tells me are extremely important because she was unable to do that herself.

My mother has shaped my dreams and aspirations in life because she supports and encourages me to do well in school. For example, she always tells me to do my very best in school in order to have a successful career. My mother tells me that it is a hard goal to accomplish, but in the end it will pay off after college when I have a great career and a successful future ahead of me. Furthermore, she told me to get the best possible grades I can in order to get accepted to one of the universities or colleges in California and to strive for success no matter how challenging it may be. Her tendency to encourage me has made me strive to become a stronger person. It made me believe in myself and that I am capable of accomplishing my dreams in life. She encourages me to choose a career that I have a passion for and doesn’t discourage me by telling me what path to follow.

Furthermore, of all the obstacles that I have faced, I still feel extremely confident in myself and that I do have what it takes to become not only what I can be but what I want to be. It is my goal to reach my dreams and have a more successful career for both my mother and for myself. These obstacles do not make me want to give up, but they make me want to strive even harder in anything that I do in life.

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