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Personal Statement

I write this statement to support my application to Management and Leadership in Health and Social Care vourse at your university. Due to previous experiences of working with a range of people in the care sector I believe that throughout my time on various work placements with individuals with different disabilities and requirements in care along with the experiences gained throughout my studies, my wish to pursue a career in the care profession has grown.

To further my interest in working with and around people I completed my first degree as a health visitor in Hungary. Prior of that I took a gap year in Germany with a church’s volunteer service called Freiwilliges Sociales Jahr (Voluntary Sociales Year). I worked as a health care assistant in a nursing home with 144 beds. While this year was very challenging I also found it an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience. To further my knowledge and passion for working with those individuals who are in need of care I studied at Semmelweis University, Medical College Faculty and graduated as a health visitor. To put my academic knowledge into practice I worked as a school nurse in 3 different schools. It was an enjoyable experince but only to realize that I was more interested to do something with elderly people and move away from children. I decided to move to England and started to work as a home care worker first, but rapidly I was promoted to a field care supervisor and after that to a care coordinator.

Working for different care companies in different cities was a valuable and great experience where I learnt how to improve my leadership and management’s skills and also to put my academic knowledge in practice. I always was looking to improve the company and bring innovative ideas to my role and complete my work to a high standard. I currently work as a care coordinator, which incolves human resource management, arranging and coordinating training, dealing with social workers and other health care professionals on a daily basis. I manage around 60 home care workers in terms of their compliancy and adequate training. I completed National Vocational Qualification in Health and Social Care Level 3 only to realize that I would like to study more and broaden my leadership skills in this area. Working in a senior team gives me a great satisfaction , where I can show my effective communication and organisation skills ad good working relationships.

During my spare time I mainly like to read books, travel to other countries to explore different cultures. I also go to the gym to keep myself fit. I also attended a various events related to self development and self-management. This helps to increase my confidence and also gives me great oppurtunities to meet like-minded people. I feel that university is definitely the right path for me. I always work extremely hard to achieve my best, a feat which I intend to carry on throughout my university years. I believe I have the necessary skills needed to enjoy university to the full and also be successful in future years. In addition I would also like to go to university to develop my management and leadership skills even further so I can gain a valuable and rewarding, higher position in health and social care sector and lead that senior team to an absolute success.

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