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Personal Statement

The passion for improvement and development has prompted many individuals to seek education and serve as a stepping stone for their goals and objectives. By engaging in this process, each individual hopes to obtain the necessary abilities and skills to be competitive in their chosen profession. Though setbacks and hurdles can be seen in the process, it is the constant perseverance and dedication that gives out the proper foundation and benchmark for learning and cultivate the needed outcomes for change.

It is with this mindset that I wish to express my intention to enter the School of Pharmacy at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. The passion in the field of Science can be rooted back when I was young. At an early age, I was really fascinated and amused by the things happening in the environment. I was really curious about the catalysts that bring about life to organisms and living things. I feel that by carefully understanding the interplay of these things, I can satisfy my questions and appreciate the natural beauty brought about by the study of these things.

Such primary motivation has given me the leverage and dream to specialize in a degree that comprehends on such symbiosis. The interest to specialize in pharmacy became evident as I began to study the discipline and how it can integrate the concepts of Biology and Chemistry together. With this, I can truly capture the essence of professional practice and help cater to the needs of individuals who need help. Similarly, it is in this profession that I can perform complex mathematical equations that I also love and cherish as an individual.

With its perfect mixture of different fields, the degree in Pharmacy can help me realize further the dream that I always had as young individual. The good feedbacks from my friends who are studying in RCSI have also given me the motivation to seek education and training in that educational institution. They mentioned that the place embraces diversity and allows each student to grow, mature, and develop into what they truly want. The ability of their professors and academic community to actively integrate curriculum and specialize on students’ needs is also another reason why I wished to apply.

During my early career as a student, Science subjects such as physics, chemistry and biology were all my main strengths. I make it sure that I can gain new insights in every lesson given by the teacher. Moreover, I make it a point to participate in every experiment and gain better insights of how such process can serve as a stepping stone towards comprehending a particular topic covered. This then has allowed me to maximize on getting the required skill set and obtain the necessary information relevant to a specific field of study.

As I took part in further education in my home country in Saudi Arabia, my understanding and horizons widened as I began to be trained and educated at the Kuwait Institute of Science and Researches. The good curriculum and effective professors have all given me different motivation in studying and supplemented my passion to learn and improve. I feel that all these have been beneficial for my pursuit to further my knowledge and supplement my dream to study Pharmacy. Similarly, I had also been part of several projects at the Kuwait Institute of Science and Research wherein the areas that I specialized where in microbiology and chemistry.

With these, I was able to apply the concepts that I had learned during my previous education and adequately reinforce my capabilities as a research associate. Likewise, this has enabled me to find conduct experiments and be taught of new approaches to integrate and analyze information. I feel that by immersing myself in these areas, I can function better both as a researcher and a student of pharmacy in the future. In addition, I came to realize that to actively gauge and measure my understanding of the subject; I had to engage in different competitions with some of the brilliant minds in my country.

With these, I had opened myself to the possibility of learning from the experience and explore both my strengths and weaknesses during the mentioned activities. These then have been supplemental towards the realization of my potency and the clamor for further advancement. Now, I am trying to accomplish and fulfill the leaving certificate necessary at the Institute of Education to get the required points to enter the school of pharmacy. In doing this, I feel hopeful that my intention and overall motive shall be seen by the admissions committee as an important criterion for my acceptance in the program.

In the end, I feel that I have shown enough passion and interest to be accepted in this degree. Likewise, I had shown that I am willing to endure the obstacles and hurdles associated in the study to fulfill my dream of advancing in my professional career and be of service to other people. By giving me this opportunity to be educated and trained, I can reach out and give back to my community the passion and service they utmost need. My name is Abrar Alzankawi who is willing to open up his boundaries and fulfill his dreams.

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