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Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal responsibility is extremely important in life because it dictates the quality of your life. Your life is directly affected by the level of personal responsibility you practice. The definition of personal responsibility is vague and broad. It is comparable to defining a personality trait that includes several traits in one. These traits include ethics, moral decisions, freedom of choice, self-discipline and accountability. Personal responsibility also plays a vital role in your success as a student.

Your success as a college student has a direct correlation with personal responsibility.

As a college student it is also important to have strategies in place for your success. Having a plan on how you are going to succeed keeps you on track and helps you to enhance your personal responsibility. Personal responsibility does not have the same meaning for everyone or the value that is placed on this practice. What is Personal Responsibility Responsibility is something that exists in the lives of everyone. On a daily basis we are required to satisfy some form of personal responsibility.

If I had to define the word personal responsibility I would define it as consistently following through with what needs to be done and establishing a level of self-discipline and trust. The dictionary states the definition of responsibility as the state, quality or fact of being responsible; a duty, obligation or burden. There are many levels of responsibility: financial responsibility, economic responsibility, professional responsibility, and so on. I want to elaborate on personal responsibility. I believe this particular level also incorporates ethics and morals in its definition as well.

Moral responsibilities are equally pervasive, in that we are vulnerable human beings, caring for and cared by others. Moral sentiments relate to things that we have reason to value, moving us into action” (Sanghara, Ablezova, & Botoeva, 2011). Personal responsibility encompasses your ethical beliefs which also requires you to admit to your mistakes. It seems we live in a world where that is not practiced as often as it should.

“Doing the right thing whether or not it is witnessed by others is a key part of taking personal responsibility for your actions” (Tracey, 2011). The demise of personal responsibility occurs when individuals blame their family, their peers, their economic circumstances, or their society for their own failure to meet standards” (Haskins, 1996). It is so easy to place the blame of your problems on your environment. I believe this particular part of personal responsibility is the hardest to practice. If we all took the time to be aware of our lack of acceptance of our problems and started placing the blame on our own failures, we as individuals will have a whole new sense of freedom.

This new freedom can be comparable to a weight being lifted of our shoulders and we can finally start taking control of our lives. This particular part of personal responsibility should be included in the dictionary definition because I believe it is easily over looked. Personal responsibility also encompasses our right of freedom. Our level of responsibility is surrounded by choices. We have the freedom to choose how we are going to fufill our obligations, the level of accountability we display, and whether or not we will accept when we made a mistake. The subject is condemmed to be free, and to decide for himself/herself.

Such a freedom is also related to his or her own responsibility, because his or her decisions will have to be made without any refrence to any higher ethical norm else that the one the subject is defining for himself” (Ballet, Dubois, & Mahie, 2007). In other words, we are able to make our choices of responsibility and we do not have to answer to anyone. This makes it easier to make irresponsible choices. We are 100 percent in charge of our outcomes. This makes it imperative for us to use our freedom wisely.

Consistently choosing to be responsible, accountable, and ethical creates a foundation for a happier life. This equates to our life being in our hands and no one elses. In my definition of personal responsibility I used the word self-discipline and trust. I believe these two terms are key components of the act of being responsible. If someone is consitently responsible you know that you will be able to trust that person with something that is important to you. A responsible person has a proven track record of following through with their obligations or the obligations of others.

Self-discipline goes along with freedom. Freedom, in essence, is a priveledge that must be exercised properly. The abilty to recognize freedom is crucial and to do the right thing is a key element of personal responsibility. Self-discipline is the restraint that is necessary to stay within the ethical boundaries of decision making and it is the power you have inside you to finish all the necessary tasks that are in front of you. There are obligations that we are required to fulfill, but most of the time we do not have to answer to anyone when we do not meet our obligations.

Consequences are most always present, but tend not to be enough to stop us from our irresponsible actions. ”…a responsible agent is one who is self-conciously self-determined” (Spector, 2008). Personal responsibilty is having the knowledge to say no when certain situations arise and that comes with self-discipline. Personal Responsibility and College Success The level of personal responsibility you practice will directly affect the amount of success you achieve in higher education.

Your work load can essentially double while you are in a college setting because this type of learning environment usually consists of adults that have jobs and families. College success will require you to make moral and ethical decisions, exercise self-discipline, and be accountable. All of these terms are related and involve personal responsibility which can be summed up with this citation, “It’s the absolute minimum requirement for the accomplishment of everything you could ever really want in life” (Tracey, 2011).

Personal responsibility is required in our daily lives and is required for college success in the same regard. We are in charge of our outcomes and if the outcome we are striving for in college is success with a degree, we have nothing standing in our way. The only thing we need to do is be aware of the level of responsibility we currently have and the level of personal responsibility we need to maintain. With this in mind, meeting the demands of a college student can be easily managed. Effective Strategies to be a Successful Student

To fully incorporate personal responsibility in your college life it is beneficial to be prepared. Being prepared includes coming in with some type of idea and organization. A very simple and effective way to manage the demands of college is preparing schedules. A daily schedule helps you to prioritize your obligations and tasks. They also put less stress on you depending on your memory. A schedule will allow for you to add time when a important project is coming up and you need to prepare in stages.

This adding of time will allow for you to attend to your personal obligations while making time for your school obligations. It also gives you the sense of accomplishment when you are able to start crossing off your schedule. This accomplishment in turn gives motivation for you to stay on top of your duties and stay consistent. Another important strategy for college success is utilizing all the available resources colleges have available. Many institutions provide access to libraries with faculty ready and willing to help whenever you need to ask.

This can really ease the stress level when you have major projects or papers due. They are familiar with the college and faculty and are able to give you approprate advice. Also on the faculty of many colleges are counselors. These individuals are trained to guide you in course selection and degree plans. They are familiar with the schools curriculum and requirements and can help you make informed decisions. Higher learning institutions may also provide programs that include child care to job placement. Taking advantage of these programs is vital to maintaing your success while in college.

Most importantly, one of the best strategies for college success is setting goals for yourself. Goals can be set in a variety of areas which makes goals so helpful. The most important part to remember about setting goals is to write them down so you can visualize your goals daily. You can set short term goals and include steps to how you are going to achieve them. You can, at the same time, set long term goals. Your short term goals will be steps to getting to your long term. You can also stay motivated about your goals by placing rewards when you do achieve them.

I belive these strategies are important ingredients to college success and can be implemented by maintaining consistent levels of personal responsibility. “This clearly shows that a person cannot only be defined in a consistent way by a series of added characteristics, whether they be rights, capabilities, or freedoms” (Ballet, Dubois, & Mahie, 2007). Conclusion Personal responsibility is a trait that everyone obtains, and everyone practices personal responsibility in different ways. The key to a productive lifestyle is practicing your level of personal responsibility to the highest degree.

And with that practice to always engage in moral and ethical behaviors as well. I believe in consitently staying responsible in all your tasks and this in turn can open the doorway to accomplishing all of your dreams. We hold the power and the control of our destiny and it all starts with the term personal responsibility. Utilzing personal responsibilty in all aspects of your life is the key to your happiness and your future. Take it from the wise words of Abraham Lincoln, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. ”

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