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Personal Responsibility Essay

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Achieving college success can be accomplished in several ways by oneself. Taking steps to exceeding, developing set goals, time management, and personal responsibility goes hand in hand. Although, if one does not follow these steps or stays true to themselves, life could become overwhelming, stressful, and chaotic. By doing this he or she cannot only achieve success in college, but also in his or her personal life.

Meaning Merriam-Webster (1995) defines responsibility as the quality or state of living responsible, for something which one is liable to answer for one’s acts or decisions.

When hearing the above an individual has to believe by having any success in life, person responsibility goes hand in hand. Achieving college success or personal success in life one has to take action for any decisions, choices, or actions that are made. It takes much strength for someone to stand up for his or her own beliefs and actions.

When someone has plans to achieve college success or success in anything in life; plans and goals should be set before expecting any type of success.

Some may view personal responsibility different from the person next to them; one thing that is truly the same is the effort to achieving success in his or her own life. Everyone is ultimately responsible for everything in their lives, pointing fingers at others is giving excuses on why one cannot achieve success.

Success in college can be seen in several ways. He or she can measure college success in all types of ways; by achieving good grades, learning new knowledge, learning how to speak to others, working together as a team, and the final result a college degree. To accomplish such goals, he or she first must know what they are wanting out of college. With this personal responsibility comes into play; by not staying true to themselves the accomplishments will not be rewarding nor fulfilling. Someone who wants to succeed in college will do what is expecting and more to achieve the success. Teachers and family members have little effect on one’s college success, but it is the individual’s own personal responsibility for achievements in college. Although one may disagree with Mr. Awender, as there is no relationship between developing a college success and the success in the business would. There can be a relationship between having an educational success and with success in a business world; he or she just needs to have personal responsibility while achieving it.

Careers can also have many successes. For an individual to be successful in the business world, they have to start from the bottom and work themselves to the top of the ladder. Personal responsibility and motivation are a key factor in climbing the business ladder. But not acquiring the motivation and determination along with goal sitting to strive to be the best, he or she will always be on the bottom. Working with team members can at times make you think or compare yourself to other co-workers. When you are trying to be successful in your career, he or she should not compare how his or her own success towards other people’s success in their career. This could lead into discouragement in oneself, and the ability to focus on the goals at hand, and the accomplishments may become hard to achieve. This could postpone or delay the career success he or she is looking for.

In 1972, Max Gunther points out there fifteen “successful man” with a network ranging from $100 million than to a billion dollars, only four of those mean have either a college or a university degree (Gunther, 1972). One can only realize that with a high level education there is a high level business success. This is true in most cases, but there are those times that business experience can play a role into achieving success through a career. Some may argue that success is often found within a career that the position is that of a head manager is the top of success. Experience, age and even seniority can play a toll in how much someone is paid or the level he or she achieves in that career field (Awender, 1985) . Preliminary plan

Having a preliminary plan is the starting foundation of creating success in college and in life. Personal responsibility is one of the things, where he or she is willing to take the necessary steps to succeed. Having high goals and dreams means keeping with the goals and doing can be done making sure that he or she is achieving the goals and dreams they have set for themselves. Things happen in life to where someone may encounter problems or setbacks while achieving success. With that one will need keep an open mind and stay positive to any negative while moving forward toward any goals. Realizing that goals can and will need to be changed or adjusted while he or she keeps heading towards the ultimate goal.

Time management is a piece in the preliminary plan to achieve overall success in life. Having to balance his or her own personal life, work life, school life this is going to take personal responsibility to be able to stay on top. Most college students that are returning back to school are either married, have kids, a full time job that require a good portion of their time. You will have to be ready and prepared to sacrifice some things to succeed in school or life. This is why having time management and personal responsibility will come into play.

Procrastination will make life hard for the one who is achieving success. This is where his or her own life will become overwhelming, stressful, chaotic. To conquer these aspects of procrastination one has to be responsible for their actions. According to (Klingsieck, Fries, Horz, & Hofer 2012) Up to 70% of university students consider themselves procrastinators and 50% procrastinate consistently and problematically. Some students have reported that procrastination typically accounts for more than one third of their daily activities and is often carried out through sleeping, reading, or watching TV (Klingsieck, Fries, Horz, & Hofer 2012).

Conclusion One should take personal responsibility for their own actions so they can lead themselves on a pathway for success. Having to decide how to manage his or her own time between personal responsibility and college success is a major factor in achieving ones goals. One must learn how to prioritize their lives in a way they can balance all factors into achieving the overall goal; becoming successful in college and a career by using personal responsibility.

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