Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility

An individual has a duty to look after self. This is achievable through maintaining a certain level of concern and cultivating in the ways of caring for self. A human being has esteem needs which need to be maintained in order to feel whole and complete. The variables in personal responsibility occur in one self and their decision to accept themselves as they are. The focus on personal responsibility engages an individual to be confident in personal affairs as well as life. Personal responsibility is a commitment to the application of the issues one has an individual dedication to undertake.

One ought to believe in individual ability to follow the aspects of personal responsibility. This is portrayed by individuals when they uphold the mission and goals in their lives . When one sets a target in life, following it is a choice and one choosing not to give up is a commitment in the responsibility of that person’s life. Persisting and not giving up in a person’s responsibility is a property of commitment and dedication in one’s life. The aspect of applying all the energy one may have is a reflection of the areas where one is being responsible to accommodate the pressure in.

Therefore, dedication to excellence and doing the good things in life for development of self is a reflection of personal responsibility. When an individual is concentrating on making life comfortable and making it pleasing, the level of commitment is certainly high. Individual’s morals and decision making which may be hard to make are examples of commitment to one’s personal values, which is a responsibility to self. The image that one commits to portray to the society is cultivated inside, hence it is a detail to show dedication to personal growth and respect.

Personal responsibility gives a positive growth to life when an individual has the obligation and feeling that they have a direction to make it. Personal responsibility instills values in an individual that are very helpful in their life. Through personal responsibility, an individual will learn how to be determined and never back down to obstacles. This is a positive experience when difficult situations come up. Courage and self determination are portrayed in an individual. One obtains trust with self and with other people by maintaining a level of self responsibility.

The way one portrays these aspects with confidence is the same way the other people will acknowledge them. Personal responsibility gives one power and the confidence to accept responsibilities in the various disciplines in life that may arise. It is a great influence of the decisions we make. This shows other people that we are mature people and can be bestowed roles of responsibility and positions for us to take care of. Personal responsibility refers to the aspect in which individuals are in charge of themselves and their lives, taking care of the way they think and feel.

This involves being concerned more about their affairs, self satisfaction and comfort ability. Maintaining a mental and physical healthy and keep clear emotions and treating oneself with respect is essential in achieving personal responsibility. This obligation to oneself causes individuals to be accountable to their lives and forces them to put across some conditions or rules in their lives. The achievement of goals is triggered by some of these rules. Responsibility of self is paramount in ensuring the achievement of a positive living attitude.

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