Personal price Essay

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Personal price

As you market yourself to employers, the salary you demand is essentially your personal price. Keeping that in mind, what pricing strategy should you follow (penetration, skimming, or competitive)? Why? Issues to consider:

a. Who is your target market?
My target market is the childcare industry.

b. How would you position your price to this market?
I would use competitive pricing strategy. I would use competitive pricing strategy. By using this concept does not necessarily mean that the company will pay me what I want but it will put a great deal of thought into the prices of the competitors. In other words, I would take into consideration the prices of my competition and use that to determine what I believe is a fair salary.

c. What are the psychological pricing considerations? I would take into consideration my level of experience. Therefore, I would charge a price that may be slightly higher but that would be because I have more experience than others. I don’t want a price that is too low because employers may wonder why so low. They may question my experience or qualifications.

d. What are the image considerations?

I believe that the company has high standards. I would maintain that I am reliable, responsible, and able to multi-task. I am a professional and have good work ethics.

e. What are the promotional considerations?

I would provide degrees, and or certificates that indicate my qualifications. I would also provide references and any other documents that show my experience in the field.

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