Personal Philosophy of Man , God and the World Essay

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Personal Philosophy of Man , God and the World


First of all, I am grateful to the Almighty God for establishing me to complete this project. I wish to express my sincere thanks to SOTERO H. LAUREL Librarians, for providing me with all the necessary facilities and books that I need to be able to carefully analyze all the topics that have been discuss in philosophy of human existence.
I also thank Professor Josefina C. Perez, one of the faculties in College of Arts and Sciences of Lyceum of the Philippines University. I am extremely grateful and indebted to her for her expert, sincere and valuable guidance and encouragement extended to me. I placed on record, my sincere gratitude to my close friends, best friends and college friends for their constant encouragement. I also thank to my parents for their unceasing encouragement and support. Lastly, I thank to Professor Violeta G. Tabin, full time faculty in College of Arts and Sciences of the Lyceum of the Philippines University, for taking this opportunity to comprehensive to understand the subject of Philosophy of Man. I also placed on record, my sense of gratitude to one and all who, directly or indirectly, have lent their helping in hand in this venture. INTRODUCTION

My project is all about the Philosophy of Man, God and the world according to Pre – Socratic Philosophers who rejected traditional and mythological explanations that they have a lot of rational explanations that some of them I believed in, Great Pillars of Western thought or Classic Greek Philosophy that focusing on the role of reason and inquiry in explaining man and soul that some of them I contradict to their beliefs, Medieval Philosophers which their philosophy refers to philosophy in Western Europe but this philosophy of era is one of the greatest achievements in philosophical theology, Modern Philosophy that centers on the relation between experience and the reality, the ultimate origin of knowledge, the nature of the mind and it’s relation to the body, the implications of the new natural sciences for free will and God and find out some of this philosophers are more believes in science and this Modern Philosophy will discuss my belief in God, Man and the world on existentialism, utilitarianism and communism, lastly the Eastern Philosophers who’s belief generally does not focus on a single, indivisible, all – powerful God, I also write my philosophy of God which the eastern philosophers was almost absent from some of their beliefs to God like in Buddhism and Confucianism and the Hinduism that they said God is Brahman from them but they have almost 3 Gods. My belief in the world, man and God shall be presented in different views which I have more discuses and written on the next page.

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