Personal life Essay

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Personal life

Dance; a body of expression, a medium of communication, happiness and love. Dance is my passion. I am a trained Bharata Natyam dancer. I am proud to be an Indian because of its rich culture and heritage. In Bharata Natyam Bha i. e Bhaava (expression), Ra i. e Ragha (rhythm) and Ta i. e Taal (beat) are the basic components of a dance. There are seven different classical dance forms in india – Bharata Natyam, Kuchipudi, Kathakali, Odissi, Mohiniattam, Manipuri and Kathak.

I am blessed to be a part of this culture. It is my mother who developed this art in me. I have also learnt other dance forms such as Western and Folk. It is through dance that I find inner peace and true happiness. This art form gave me beautiful opportunities. I have represented my country in Dubai, France and Finland International festivals. Being a part of these festivals made me realize even if we have language barrier the language of dance bridged the gap between us.

I’ve explored many cultures, their way of living, their way of life through this art. Dance needs no interpretation. Dance is also one of the strongest medium to pass a message. I believe one must use this art for a good cause. Famous dancers such as Hema Malini, Helen, Vayjantimala, Shri Gopal Krishna, Smt Rukhmani Devi, Shri Birju Maharaj are respected for their contribution. Dance taught me to correct myself. It has developed in me the ability of working towards excellence.

I’ve acquired certain skills from this art which I believe are my competencies as a manger such as confidence, self-presentation, and an ability to cope with criticism and learn from it. As a performer I have an open mind and the ability to move beyond boundaries and experiment with different ideas. Every human being has a purpose for his existence. I believe my purpose is to spread love and happiness and do my bit for the society. I wish to make my parents proud. I wish to make this world a better place in my own little way. I wish to stay in your hearts forever!!

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