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Personal hygiene and provide positive role Essay

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Welcome to our private day nursery. The information in this booklet refers to the children within our setting who are 2-3years old, however some of the information may be common throughout the nursery. In the nursery we offer a pleasant friendly atmosphere, where children are happy and comfortable. We provide a positive environment which is safe, stimulating, hygienic, healthy and caring for everyone in the nursery.


Entrance to the nursery is through intercom only which offers security for the staff and children. Daily registers are taken and records kept up to date. Staff wear identity badges displaying their name and photograph. You will see a variety of safety equipment around the nursery to keep the children safe. We use safety gates at the top and at the foot of the stairs. There are socket protectors in all unused sockets and appliances have curly cables. Slow closing hinges are on all doors and smoke alarms are on each floor.

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Toys and equipment are regularly checked and broken items thrown away. To help the children feel safe and secure all children are assigned their own peg which has their name on and a picture for easy recognition, we believe this gives the children a sense of belonging. Comforters from home are also welcomed in the nursery to help the children settle and to feel secure and happy. We encourage EVERYONE to walk in the nursery to prevent accidents and to provide the children with a good example to follow.


There are colourful eye-catching displays which display the childrens work as well as providing focus points for the children to talk about which helps extend their vocabulary. We display images that challenge stereotypes and display work belonging to every child with their names displayed alongside. Display tables are also situated in the nursery for displaying items brought in by the children for the week’s theme.

Our toys and activities are rotated regulary and offered in a variety of ways to offer ‘new activities’ which encourage experimentation and problem solving. All activities are designed to allow children to succeed at their own level. Activities include sand/water play, painting, drawing, dough, bikes and other outdoor equipment, story, music and singing sessions, imaginative and role play, baking, collage and junk modelling.


To keep our environment hygienic we follow strict cleaning and hygiene routines. We maintain a good standard of personal hygiene and provide positive role models for the children to follow. We always stress the importance of hand washing and ensure the children wash and dry their hands at the appropriate times. The nursery is well lit with florescent lighting strips as well as spot lighting for the display boards. The room temperature is pleasant not too hot or too cold and the nursery is well ventilated.

The nursery is damp dusted every day and floors and working areas are cleaned regularly. We encourage drinking of water in the nursery and children are encouraged to bring in their own water bottle which can be refilled throughout the day. At sleep time we provide adequate space and the children all have their own sleep time mat. Sleep times are recorded and children are checked regulary during sleep.

Outdoor play is encouraged whatever the season and we ensure children are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. “Children need a clean, warm, hygienic environment in order to stay healthy” (T Bruce, C Meggitt, 2002, P.185) Cache Diploma in Child Care and Education Our environment CARING We welcome people into our nursery with a smile and ‘hello’ our attitudes towards each other are the examples which the children will follow. We are caring to each child and treat each child with equal concern. We cannot expect the children to be kind, helpful and polite if we do not offer them the same courtesy.

We make every effort to build up good relationships with parents and carers, taking time to listen and referring onto the correct member of our team to ensure any problems are sorted out. Each child’s individual needs are recorded to ensure that any new Early Years Worker (EYW) can read the record and know how to treat the child and what is considered normal to them individually. All records are kept in a secure place, in accordance with our confidentiality policy.

We try to be face to face level with the children when we talk to them. We listen with interest and respond appropriately. We allow children plenty of time to reply and do not pressure them into hurrying up. We encourage children to be as independent as possible and offer guidance rather than carrying out every task for them, such as putting on coats. We always encourage and praise the children and we ensure all the children feel included. We ensure children are supervised at all times. “The environment in which children grow and develop has a profound influence on all aspects of their lives, including their physical, cultural, emotional, social and spiritual development.”

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