Personal Goal Statement Essay

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Personal Goal Statement

I consider myself to be an excellent candidate for your Mental Health Counseling program for a number of reasons: first of all, in each and every professional and academic endeavor I have taken, becoming a Mental Health Counselor has been my goal and my driving force. Apart from completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science, I have also completed my Master’s Degree in Counseling//Psychology. In both cases, I am well-equipped with theoretical knowledge as well as applied knowledge. This is because I believe that special skills are required in dealing with and in assisting clients during counseling sessions.

I am confident that I possess those special skills, brought about by my academic degrees as well as my personal experiences in working as a correctional counselor. Handling children with behavioral and family problems has given me valuable insights and competencies, making me suitable for the role of a licensed mental health counselor. Another reason why I believe that I am an excellent candidate for your Mental Health Counseling program is because I possess the perseverance and strong sense of coordination required for the position.

These two outstanding qualities have been my powerful tools in dealing with all the challenges I have encountered while, at the same time, establishing myself as a licensed Mental Health Counselor. As we all know, working with clients in counseling sessions are extremely challenging since they require expertise on special intervention, skills, and a lot of individual and/or teamwork initiative. I also believe that having these outstanding qualities, coupled with my passion to improve the standards and quality of mental services to clients, enables me to effectively serve my clients as well as other people better.

I have chosen Walden University as the institution where I hope to continue my graduate school studies because of the high-standard quality of teaching with which your school is known for. Not only does your school offer excellent courses, you also have commendable faculty comprised of well-known and experienced members who will surely impart their knowledge and skills to their students. This, in turn, will produce skilled, effective and competent graduates. Aside from these, your school also has ample facilities and has presented research projects that can serve as exceptional training grounds for students to excel in this field.

The reason I got interested in your program is that I found out that the on-line program you offer fits my schedule as well as my vision and goals in my career. I strongly believe that your Mental Health Program can train me to help clients become better equipped to meet the challenges in their life later on. I also believe that through your program, I can perfectly achieve my goal of contributing in the enhancement of the mental health standards and levels of services to people who need counseling.

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