Personal Goal Essay

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Personal Goal

My purpose for seeking a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership is to expand my knowledge of theory and research methods as it pertains to education Being a seasoned professional in the field of education as a Master Teacher for fifteen years, and having been exposed to different challenges in teaching the learners and leading the school, I had this profound realization on the critical tasks of education in this age of globalization. The way schools are led and managed is changing.

The types of school leaders and governing bodies that exist today are far more diverse than they once were; and they will continue to develop given the fast-paced movement of modern technology which affects how people and society evolve nowadays. Hence, this complexity calls for leaders with exemplary leadership style that are worth emulating for others so as to make a real distinction in the lives of many people, not only in a community, but for the country, as a whole.

Educational leadership and management as a field of inquiry play a significant role in the improvement of schools; leveraging learning outcomes; and enhancing instructional competence of students. In schools, high performance rating and high literacy rates among their clienteles connotes success in one’s governance in education, thus, in making relevance to the system, educational leaders need to exercise certain leadership models that are truly manifesting merit in order to achieve its goals. And I think I already have what it takes to become a leader who can have the knowledge and skills to make these goals a reality.

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