Personal factors that can influence children’s development Essay

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Personal factors that can influence children’s development

Family is a huge part of a child’s development. Older siblings could mean that the child has a good role model to look up to. If the child lives in an extended family could mean that the child has more strong relationships with different members of the family which could give them a strong sense of security. The child may live with one single parent, which could mean the child craves attention from other people because their parent is at work or away for other reasons.

A child could get easily confused if their parent remarries which could add step-siblings to the family. Another reason that could affect a child’s development is their housing. Lack of personal space can cause tension between siblings or not having access to a garden or public play area can lead to the lack of physical skills and socializing skills. A child is likely to get jealous over a new baby. Sibling rivalry is common it could make a child feel left out. If they have to share a bedroom it could cause tension between them. Sharing a bedroom with a younger sibling may cause the older sibling not to get enough sleep.

External factors that influence a child’s development. Socioeconomics- Wealth and poverty of a child’s family can have a huge effect on a child’s development; it can determine opportunities like education. Nutrition- A child’s brain development relies of regular nourishment, eating healthy and keeping active reduces the risk of illness. Family and Society- Families can steer a child’s development in three ways; nurturing, stimulation and behavioural modelling. Education- A child’s first years are important for a child’s developing brain. A child needs interaction with adults and other children. Political Environment- Children who are brought into the world around war and threat on war can develop psychosocial stress. They could be affected by this for the rest of their lives.

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