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Personal Experience of Differences Between Germany and America

I was born in Germany and lived there 18 years of my 20 years. I got raised in Germany so I know quite a lot about Germany. I moved to America with my family about 1 ? years ago and there are a lot of differences from America to Germany, for example the Schooling System. The schooling system in Germany is different. We start like the Americans with Kinder garden with the age around 5 years. After Kinder garden you go to Grundschule. I went to Grundschule when I was 7 years old.

You attend the Grundschule for 4 years. There you learn all the basics for school like reading, writing and math. After 4 years, depending on your grades you will attend a different school. In Germany they have 3 different schools: Hauptschule (bad grades), Realschule (average Grades) and Gymnasium (very good grades).

Now every school is different in itself as well. For Hauptschule you attend school for another 5 years so the total would be 9 years of school.

Realschule has a total of 10 years and Gymnasium has a total of 13 years of school. I myself attended Realschule but I had a total of 11 years since I repeated my senior because I slacked off to much but I graduated after my slacking off. After school I wanted to start working as a carpenter after my graduation but we then decided to move to America so I never got the chance to really work in Germany.

Germany has different laws for example driving and drinking. You can start driving alone in Germany with the age of 18 years with the expectation your Co-pilot is older then 25 years and has a driver’s license then you drive with 17 years.

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Now drinking in Germany is very different to America. You can start drinking beer with 14 years when your parents are with you, 16 years you can buy beer alone. With 16 years old you can also drink heavy liquor when your parents are with you and can start buying heavy liquor alone when you are 18 years old.

So I myself have already had some beers and heavy liquor. I am sad that I can’t drink any liquor here anymore since the law here is 21 years old to drink. Life in Europe I would say is simple. If any state needs help all the other states help each other out. If it is money, war or other things. Also most state’s in Europe use the Euro. At the beginning it was a requirement to join the alliance of Europe that you have to switch to the Euro but the Britain’s didn’t want to switch and stayed on the pounds, so from then on it wasn’t a requirement anymore.

What I find funny now is that when we lived in Germany we never did any vacation in Germany except of going to Berlin once but now that I don’t live in Germany I want to go explore Germany. I am glad that when we lived in Germany that we still visted a lot of other close Countries. For example: Czech, Croatia, Spain, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Bremen and Netherlands. My family liked more the warmer places since Germany is often cold. So most often we were in Italy and Spain. Is it better to live in America or in Europe? My mom always says: “ You are home wherever your heart is”.

Basically saying that you are home where you want to feel at home at. I personally like Europe and America. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Which schooling system is better? I never tried the schooling system here. I think it is awesome I can home school which is not possible in Europe. So again there are advantages and disadvantages. Are there different laws in Germany compared to America? Drinking and driving are the two biggest different laws. There are many more of course that I didn’t mention here. I really enjoyed Germany and Europe and hope I can go back and visit my friends and explore more countries.

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