Personal Experience Essay for Queen’s Bachelor of Commerce Program Essay

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Personal Experience Essay for Queen’s Bachelor of Commerce Program

I would like to be a candidate for the above program taking into accounts the experiences and perceptions I have acquired over the years. To begin with, I have been actively involved in social and cultural activities even from my school days. I used to enjoy dealing with my fellow students in organizing various activities in the school like organizing debates forums and friendly football matches. Once I asked some of my close friends why they always suggest my name when there are better players than me in the class.

They told me that as I am very accommodative, there wouldn’t be any squabbles within the team and also with the other team in the field as well. They also told me that though I am not a good player, I am able to manage the others who play well. Finally, they confided in me that if they select one of the best players, there would be ego clash among them. It was a revelation for me to know that I was a good manager of people. Until then I used to think only of the happiness of everyone. So I used to be very accommodative and if there was a clash between two players I used to sort it out without hurting either parties.

My school life had taught me great lessons in managing people. I realized that everyone wanted to feel that he or she is an indispensable part of the organization. If we succeed in giving this impression to people, we can bring out the best in them. After my school, I requested my parents to send me to Canada for my college education. It was the first time that I began living by myself and away from my parents. I had always dreamed of becoming independent. The dream of living alone was not as magical as I had anticipated. . I had to cook, do the laundry, do the dishes and clean up the apartment all by myself.

Time management was another difficulty I had to overcome. I came to realize that there were innumerable things that I took for granted in my life when I was with my parents. Instead of letting myself down, I worked hard to prove to my parents and myself that moving back to Canada was a great decision. I can proudly say that my college education away from home has made me an independent person able to adapt myself to new circumstances and to take prudent decisions. Note: TheWord Count is 426. If you strictly need only 300 words, the highlighted portion can be deleted.

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