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Personal Experience

On August 29, 2010 I was given a final write up by David Bauer, weekend supervisor. David gave me a copy and read over the write up with me and asked me to sign it. (See attached write up). I did not sign it and told David that I didn’t agree with any of the accusations listed. In reference to the observed behavior section on the write up, 1A, I told David, “Whenever you ask me to work a certain station I always follow directions. ” “As far as having to ask to move to a different station, I didn’t know that’s what was stated in the S. O. P. , (standard operating procedures), guidelines”.

We’ve always been told to chase or follow the work. In reference to the Define a Solution on the write up, 1B, nowhere in the S. O. P. ’s does it state that you are to work at a station until relived or instructed to work at another station, nor does the S. O. P. ’s state that at all times there must be one smasher to one qc’er or two smashers and two qc’ers. There’s a lot of inaccurate information on the write up I received. Ex, there’s been many times when there were two people smashing and only one qc’er. On August 28, 2010 Glenn Powell and I were smashing and there was only one qc’er.

In reference to the observed behavior section on the write up, 2A, in any work environment I have a very positive and professional attitude. In reference to 2B, David Bauer has held meetings with our entire team where he displayed inappropriate behaviors, using profanity, talking to team members in a derogatory manner, threatening and belittling our work. When I didn’t sign the write up David Bauer told me that I would be receiving a call on Monday August 30, 2010 from Tad Timmler, Photo Books production manager or Tarja Dye, Human Resource Director, to set up a date and time to have a meeting with me.

Two weeks had gone by and I never received a call from anyone and then on Friday, September 10, 2010 after our 2nd break I was asked by Angel Rivera, weekend supervisor, to meet in Tad’s office. When I got there David Bauer, Tarja Dye, and Angel Rivera were in the office. David conducted the meeting and started out by telling me that they didn’t feel like they have seen any improvement with my behavior or attitude that they were sorry but they were going to have to let me go.

I was given by Tarja, my final paycheck and left. There’s a lot of inaccuracy that takes place at Rastar. In regards to my complaint when I was terminated for bad behavior, bad attitude, on the Rastar termination checklist, (see attached sheet) it states I was terminated for performance. It also states Tad Timmler as supervisor/team leader, when Tad is Photo Books Production manager. There listing people that were not even present during the meeting. I feel like David Bauer has personal issues and retaliated against me.

On a daily basis I never knew what David was going to allow or not allow. David was always doing things outside of company policy. He displayed favoritism towards certain employees. There’s a lot of inaccuracy with company policy and following company policy. David would never be consistent with employees. For example, an employee shows up late to work every weekend and never receives any type of disciplinary action, where as another employee, same scenario, except employee receives disciplinary action.

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