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Personal Experience

“I HAVE NO HOPE! I HAVE TO ABORT THIS CHILD! ” This is the shrill cry of my best friend when she called me up last week. I immediately said a big “NO! ” to her decision. She just cried and cried, I cried too for she is my best friend. Whatever trials she is experiencing, I am affected by it also especially in her condition right now. Imagine, she is pregnant by her bastard boy friend and she will abort the baby in her womb? What a stupid decision. It is not the only means by which she can escape the situation. The end or the outcome of abortion will definitely devastate her, physically and psychologically.

We argued on it and she said that she would not be influence by my advices. She said aborting the child will make her happy, but she is definitely wrong! She will just be awaken every night and be bothered by her conscience, if she will pursue abortion. It is not the scapegoat of the situation she is in. I told her that having an abortion is an immoral act. It’s just the same as killing, killing an innocent angel. The child has nothing to do with the situation she is in, I told her. It is not the baby’s fault, but the reason is because of their impulsiveness to do something that they are not yet licensed to do.

They already committed a crime, premarital sex and now she is resorting to abortion? She will just add another sin to it. I told her that it is a BIG sin against God. Even if she is only 1 month pregnant, still life is present from the moment of conception, and secondly, that life will develop into human being, unless it is crushed out of existence. In other words, there is already a human being there in its first stages of development, like a tiny rose-bud that will one day open into a beautiful bloom. Life is there from the first moment. It is not just a piece of tissue, or a growth; it is living things, with a distinct life of its own.

Anyone who destroys it destroys the human being that is to be. To expel it forcibly away from your body, your womb is a mortal sin. God never tolerates sin. I told my best friend, that even if her boyfriend will leave her she should continue her pregnancy. Life still has to go on. Yes! Her parents will of course get angry at first but then later, her parents will be able to accept her, the baby. After all, it will be her family that will always be there even if the whole world will turn away its face from her. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy before the embryo or fetus is able to live outside the uterus.

In other words, it is the intentional expulsion of a fetus which cannot survive by itself outside of the womb of the mother. Abortion is a highly publicized issue about which many people feel very strongly. Debate continues, pitting the principle of sanctity of life against the principle of autonomy. Having an abortion is such a wrong act. It will never bring peace and serenity to your soul, especially to your conscience. Life is precious. It is our main concern and duty. Health is our personal responsibility. This requires that we adopt a style of life that fosters health. We owe it to our family and society to be healthy.

The cost of health care is becoming expensive every day. It is a crime of gross injustice when, because of our reckless habits, we force our family to suffer financial losses and indebtedness. Human life is sacred because conception, from the beginning, already involves the creative action of God. As human beings, we remain forever in a special relationship with the Creator. Human life is endowed with majesty and dignity which calls forth for an equally dignified response. We owe human life respect and reverence. Such reverence, respect, and concern for life is a way of saying “yes” to God’s concern for human life in all its forms.

In this complex world that we live in today, abortion is one of the hotly- debated issues. They pose a serious moral challenge particularly to health care professionals. The sanctity of human life demands that it must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his/her existence, a human being already possesses the rights of a person, among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being. This alienable right must be recognized and respected by civil society and political authority.

Abortion destroys life and violates the right to life. As such it is morally evil and it should not be in any way legalized and liberally permitted in the laws and constitution of the nation. Abortion and infanticide are unspeakable crimes. We should reject abortion for it is simply the murder of an innocent being. Abortion could have varied physical and psychological effects on the woman concerned. On the physical aspect, the woman may suffer habitual miscarriages, menstrual disturbances or discomfort, fever and cold sweat and intense pain, weight loss, frigidity, bleeding and shock.

Psychologically, a woman may manifest guilt, suicidal tendencies, loss of sense of fulfillment, loss of confidence, hostility, thwarted maternal instinct, self- destructive behavior, anger, rage, helplessness, loss of interest in sex, inability to forgive herself, and intense interest in babies. Respect for human life and the radical condemnation of abortion as intrinsically evil is not an exclusive position of Catholics. All men of upright judgment share this view, which is based on what a person is and should be. But in some persons this moral stance has been obscured by the alleged negative consequences of rejecting abortion.

All these false reasons violate the basic principles of any view on human life, that life is sacred from the very first moment of conception. But do we really care about the life which God has bestowed in us? Yes, certainly we do but there are some women choose to abort the life that is in them for some irrefutable reasons. Many agree to abortion depends to the circumstances but how about the women who just do not want to have kids? Is it reasonable that they just abort the “life” because they want to avoid responsibilities? Absolutely, not!

Thus a thorough understanding of these issues is necessary to arrive at logical and moral solutions. Still the fact remains that neither abortion nor contraception are desirable in human society. Their prevention should be a shared task that rises above the debates on the morality of abortion or contraception. The sanctity of human life demands that it must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of a conception. From the first moment of her existence, a Human being already possesses the rights of a person and that as health care providers we should greatly respect, among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being.

This alienable right must be recognized and respected by civil society, political authority and health care professionals. Abortion destroys life and violates the right to life. As such it is morally evil and it should not be in any way legalized and liberally permitted in the laws and constitution of the nation as well as in the ethics of the health care professionals. Pro-choice proponents do not envy the value of life. Towards its promotion, they insist that there are other situations which may justify abortion other than that of saving the life of the mother.

One such situation is the socio-economic capability of parents, especially of single parents. Thus, accordingly, the ultimate should belong to the woman and /or parents as a matter of personal right. Bioethics such respect for persons, justice, beneficence and autonomy are among those that entails the dignity that we have as human beings that as humans we have every right to do things and that we should be respected for it. It is denied that pregnancy is an intimate personal matter which concerns the woman or the family.

But, likewise, it must be emphasized that abortion would not be a moral issue if couples would also admit to the prior responsibility of conjugal love and sex. Pregnancy is a foreseeable result of the sexual act. Couples, therefore, who are faced with risk of unwanted pregnancy, should have recourse to the moral means for avoiding conception. There are many disadvantages that abortion can bring but it is still up to the woman’s decision to have an abortion or not. She still holds her decision and whatever decisions she will make it is already up to her.

All we have to do as concerned citizens is to be able to share some knowledge that we have about abortion, about its morality and its detrimental effects in one’s emotional, physical and psychological aspect. I was just so happy that my best friend listened to me and my advices towards her. I was glad that she did not pursue abortion. Right now, she is happy with her life being a single parent. We still communicate, and every time we talk I always see to that I always encourage her to fight and move on with life.

Reference: 1. Drane, James F. (1994). Clinical Bioethics. Kansas City: Sheed & Ward.

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