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Personal exercise program Essay

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The majority of my results were in the area of good or average, this majority is one of 72%. As a whole I am fairly happy with these results, as there is room for improvement all over. The test, in which I scored poorly in such as the sergeant jump, press-ups and chin-ups, I fully expected. This was due to the reason that knowing with in my self that my body was not up to the standards of other in my group or age.

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These tests are ones in which I hope to improve in over the next five weeks of my training. As these are key areas to my game which will be mentioned further on in this piece of work.

However there are some good points in my results. These are they tests which I scored good and excellent in, such as sit ups and 30meter sprint. These as are some of the results, which I am hopping to maintain through out the 5 weeks and the retest. I have also chosen to ignore three results. Theses are balance, dynamic hand strength left and right. I have chosen to ignore these results, as I do not fell that they can benefit me in any way to my chosen sport. Overall there is a lot of room for improvement Health and skill related components of fitness: Health factors:

“These health related factors are physiologically based and rely on the performers ability to meet the physical demands of the activity” Speed: Speed can be defined as: “The ability to put body parts into motion quickly, or the maximum rate that a person can move over a specific distance” To test speed we carried out the following test. Place 2 cones 30m apart from each other. At a running start, run as fast as possible between the two cones whilst a person times you. This test is valid as it tests a person’s speed over a certain distance. This single periodisation year can be further broken down into further stages or cycles.

Macrocycles last from 4 to 6 weeks, mesocycles about 2weeks and microcycles 1 week. Each cycle would be in relation to current levels of skill and fitness and would prepare for a specific competitive peak. This in my case would be the start of a football season. This is known as the competitive period and is during the months of Augusts to May. Now I have just done the pre season training as such which is the preparatory period. I will do a 5-week macrocycle specifically to improve my upper and lower body strength as well as aerobic capacity.

There will not be many seasonal factors that will hinder my progress as I am training indoors which there fore manes I can control the temperature and weather. Fitness requirements needed for my specific sport and position: My sport is football, and position is central midfield. In the game of football there are many different requirements that performer needs to do well in the sport. The overall aim of this piece of work is to single out the key requirements which are needed and improve on them to enhance my performance. Below I have outlined the key requirements: Health related:

Strength: Strength in both the upper part of the body and lower part of the body is needed for a central midfielder. For instance leg power is needed to allow the performer to pass the pass long distances and to shoot from long range as that’s is where the most of there opportunities will come from due to the position they occupy. Upper body strength is needed to keep other players from getting the ball of you and being strong in tackles. Flexibility: This helps a midfielder hugely, as they must be able to turn and move or twist with a degree of easy and simplicity.

Aerobic capacity: This may also be known as VO2 max, this plays a vital role. Vo2 max is the ability to take on oxygen during exercise, allowing for the performer to participate in prolonged periods of continuos submaximual activities, which is important to a midfielders game. Body composition: This is important because, as people start to carry more body fat they can become over weigh. This will lead to health problems as the additional weight puts strain on the hearts and cardiovascular system, which can cause cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

Being over weight will also hinder your performance as a central midfield player, as you will tire easier and quicker and happier your speed in which u may move around the pitch. Skill related: Speed: The game of football has develops into a much faster game, and it is carrying on in this trend. Speed is important for a central midfielder, as it is important that a player is able to track an opponents run, carry the ball at high speeds up and down the field, and generally to keep up with the pace of the ball.

It is important for a performer in this position to compete at a high standard for a period of 90min (or duration of match). Cardio-vascular endurance is also important in the game of football as it is a continuos game. Co-ordination: This is the process involved in the reception of the sensory info, and the response of the organism. It is controlled by the regions of the brain, which deal with a specific function and is carried out by the nervous system. Co-ordination effects the way u performs in many ways as the player must be able to spot many players both opposition and own team-mates.

Foot and eye co-ordination is also needed for obvious reasons are football you need to have good foot and eye co-ordination to be a good player. Agility: This is a combination of speed and co-ordination giving you a change of direction and body position at speed. This is vital for a central midfielder as it allows the performer to change direction and body position at speeds at which the game might be moving. This was my third session and overall I can say it well. Again I found moving from exercise machine to another quick, as I am getting use to how to use the machines and the positions at which they are situated in the gym.

As you can see from the pervious page I made a lot of changes to this session as I found session 2 not very challenging. However I found this session a lot more effective. After the session had finished I felt that I was really worked to my full potential and really gained something from it. The changes were no major shock to my body though but as mentioned I did feel the effects of the changes. This is one of the main reasons why no changes will be made to my next session, due to the fact that I do not think my current level of fitness is ready in relation to changes from this session, and will not make any changes.

I will hopefully feel ready to make changes after my next session (session 4). I did find though that once I had finished my aerobic work out and was ready to move on from this to the weight training I found myself needing to take water on board, as I was thirsty. This was not a planned change from session 2 but from now I feel it necessary to take water on board in-between the to training. Changes for session 4: 1. Intake of water when moving from cross trainer to Gastrocnmius press

As mentioned before no changes were made to the sessions as such, because I felt the session worked me to my full potential and my current fitness levels would be ready for any to a change. You may argue that by not changing anything that I will not improve, but taking into account the principle of training progression which should be gradual, and reflect my current fitness levels. And too much progression in a short space of time could cause injury, and as many changes were made to session 3 from session 2, I feel this is the correct decision.

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