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Personal exercise plan swimming Essay

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What I enjoy doing: I enjoy swimming, playing squash, jogging, aerobics and power walking. What activities I already take part in: I play squash two or three times a week, and got to the gym, and in the spring I cycle with my friends. I also have bleep test/ fitness test once every two weeks. By improving my muscle strength and endurance it will mean that I am able to train for longer. Cardiovascular fitness is the ability of your heart to deliver oxygen to your muscles over a long period of time. This will build up my heart muscle and allow me to train for longer and cope with the pace of a longer game.

By improving my agility it will my ability to perform a series of explosive power movements in a rapid succession in opposing directions. By improving my speed I will be able to get across the court in less time so my opponent has less time to react. Testing my Fitness Level I am going to use specific tests, which are associated with my sport. I will test how fit I am at the beginning of the six week session. I will test my cardiovascular endurance and my muscular endurance. I will use my aerobic system, anaerobic system and my power.

All the tests I decide to do at the beginning of the six weeks, I will repeat again at the end of it so I can see how much my fitness level has improved by. Swimming (set 1) is a continuous training session. This program is mainly going to contain aerobic training with some focus on anaerobic training, to help improve sprint starts and finishes in the water, and my overall speed. Swimming (set 2) will include several types of ketchup to improve my technique. In the program I must ensure that I have enough rest periods to prevent build up of lactic acid or injury Each week is going to include one circuit session and a two swimming sessions.

The exercises of the circuit will be performed in the same order that they are written down. This way, after working each muscle group it is then rested by working another group. The number of repetitions, not how long it takes to carry out one activity, will perform my circuit. An example of a circuit session would look like this: At the beginning I will complete a small warm up, jogging 15m, and then stretching from the neck working downwards. Station 1: arms raises using dumb bells (3kg). I will repeat this 15 times on each arm, it will strengthen the muscles in my arms making them more powerful, and making me swim faster.

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Increase by: 5 arm raises each time. Station 2: V – sits. 16 times, strengthening my stomach muscles. Increase by: 3 more v-sits each time. Station 3: cycles with ankle weights, and dumb bells in hands. I will do 20 cycles. This will work my quads, abs, arms and hamstring muscles, making them stronger. Increase by: 4 cycles each time. Station 4: running on a crash mat, 50 steps, this will strengthen my quads and my cardiovascular system. Increase by: 5 steps each time. Station 5: the plank. Hold it for 40 seconds, rest for 40 seconds, and then repeat it three times. This will strengthen my stomach muscles.

Increase by: repeat it an extra time each time. Station 6: arm circles, 60 times. Will strengthen arm muscles, making my pulls in my strokes stronger, making me go faster. Increased by: 4 arm circles each time. Station 7: lunges with weights (3kg), 20 lunges. Strengthen my legs, enabling my kicks to be more powerful. Increase by: 2 lunges each time. Station 8: medicine ball lifts with arms, 15 times. Strengthen my arm muscles. Increase by: 2 lifts each time. Station 9: skipping: 50 skips, improve my cardiovascular system. Increase by: 5 skips each time. Station 10: step ups, 50 times strengthening the muscles in my legs.

Increase by: 3 step ups each time. Station 11: running 15m 6times, strengthening my cardiovascular system Increase by: 1 15m run each time. At the end of my circuit training session, I will stretch all of my muscles to prevent the build up of laic acid. When I do my circuit training sessions I will increase the amount of reps I carry out, the number that I increase them by is underlined at the bottom of each section. I need to increase the number of reps so that my body does not adjust to the exercise I am doing, and it keeps improving, and so my muscles become stronger.

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