Personal Evaluation assessment Essay

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Personal Evaluation assessment

? I will talk about the three aspects on my feelings for working with a group and the evaluation of my accomplishments. The first one is: I feel confident by working with the group and everything I done for it. I am confident that I tried my best for the project to get the good marks. When I was doing my work in the PID document, I was surprised because I did not need any help from the group members because I was confident for my work. I gave my opinions, discussed ideas with the group and participated in the discussion. The second one is: The Communication within the group was not enough as I expected.

There are some weaknesses in the group members that led to be little disappointment in the work. I feel that the group members were working on their own parts of the project that’s why feedback was absent between the group members, which should be there as it is an integral part for a group project. Working in one’s own part is not the same as working with different member’s part; it could lead to the better results. I feel that when my work has been done correctly, I needed team-mates to discuss my work, so that it could be more professional. Feedback always leads me to the right way.

Sometime I asked my team-mates for clarifications in order to complete the work on the first go. Recommendations and revisions also played vital role in completing my work. Our Group worked each and every day and everyone took part and tried to understand the exact requirement and completed his part which helped us in completing the project on time. In the end, I hope that all group members will be more efficient in communication in the future. Also, the communication in our group was not proper which made my work difficult. I overcame the difficulties by working hard and by spending more time on the project. The third one is:

I improved my time management skills and completed my project on time. I lacked in time management skills in the PID document and I did not work with a team before that. It helped me to improve my skills and I am able to submit my work on time now. I wish this module to be a longer one, because I am getting more benefits and skills. I always made it on time for the meeting also I completed this project on time by putting all my efforts. I tried all my best to help my colleagues as much as I can. The requirements for the work need to be done before the deadlines and the main thing is to get the work efficiently and effectively.

After working on the PID document, I felt in the development of the second project it took longer than the previous one. ? In addition to this report I will provide my strengths and weaknesses in the context of team collaboration. I am eager to work on time; I like to complete all the work in minimum time in order to avoid any delay. Many importance of work in project is to doing fully and I put all my best to achieve the project. After the PID document I felt I did not make any effort to change the communication with work colleagues but the second situation changed me to the best.

At the end, some members did not have enthusiasm at the time they begin, but they learn with the passage of time. I am learning from the criticism of the group either bad or good Criticism led me to change my work as much as possible, if the team found any change I needed also I am worked hard on that. Few of our members of the group were quiet and did not comment in the work. Through providing ideas and suggestions in all parts of the project, we can get more than just one idea from one person in every part of our project. From this we can say it is important in the project to work as a team.

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