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•Do you agree with the results of your Work Culture Preferences activity? Does it match with what you considered your ideal work culture?

Yes, I agree with the results of my Work Culture Preferences activity. The result matches with my considered ideal wok culture. My result was being High powered, and teamwork centered, and expert. I agree with being High powered because I like to try different jobs and learning new skills. These skills will help me become more competitive in a demanding job market.

Most demanding jobs are teamwork centered and require being in the creative atmosphere. I’m glad that I received this result to see my strong points in the work culture. This will help me what to expect in a career that I’m looking forward to.

•Do you think there is a relationship between effective study habits and techniques and being successful in those work cultures? Explain your answers.

Yes, I think there is a relationship between effective study habits and techniques of being successful in those work cultures by being successful in those cultures.

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Study habits and techniques are all part of note taking; they are extremely helpful in remembering important detail about a particular subject. By using effective study habits and techniques, can tremendously help you when taking quiz or test. While taking a test, you can remember from the top of your head of what you had wrote down for studied to answer that question. In work culture, it will help you memorize your work procedure and guidelines.

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•What was your ethical perspective as identified by the ELI, including your blind spot, strengths, weaknesses, and values?

My ethical perspective as identified by the ELI was prioritizing the value of autonomy over equality. My concern is to protect individual rights and ensure everyone is treated fairly. I believe that my good is good enough, leaving problems unresolved for everyone else. By doing this, I’m too focused on good motive and don’t see the problems in my method. My strengths are able to make responsible choices that benefit many different individuals at the same time. Thinking through problem carefully and research options to find the one that will fulfill my duties. My values are to make sure my actions are good for the community as a whole.

•How do personal ethics play a role in academics? How might they play a role in the workplace? Personal ethics play a role in academics by setting an atmosphere of truthfulness and trust. This help to ensure every decision we make is one that upholds values. They are the decision that make and must continue to lure of the easy way out, by making ourselves better. Personal ethics also play a role in workplace by keeping our work or ideas original to us. This challenges corporation to translate their mission statement into every employee. Leading corporation to higher performance for business and society. In addition, promote employee and customer trustworthy relation for truthful business and services to the company.

•What connection is there to your ethical perspective and your ideal work culture? The connection within my ethical perspective and work culture is they both require fairness and equality in both. The support of each other as a team benefits and the success of the workplace. It would also increase the want to be at the workplace and part of the team. Creating an environment that encourages people to express opinions and creative atmosphere. These connections promote unity for subordinate, co-worker, and supervisors to work and focus on task at hand. It both encourages people to share and express their opinions. Increasing likelihood of rapid promotion and other benefits to each.

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