Personal development Plan Essay

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Personal development Plan

A Personal Development Plan is a useful tool to ensure your skills are up to date. It also gives you the opportunity to identify areas which you find difficult to carry out and which need improving.

Please take a moment and reflect on how your training and ‘on job’ experience have developed since joining the company.

What training and development activities (including work experience) have you done? What did you learn?

Training, development activities

Learning outcomes

Training for:

–Peristeen bowel management

Training for-diabetic /insulin management

Training for-Tracestronomy /nebulizer
Training for-Oxigen saturation/Suction machine

Update training

To use a several kind of equipments:
-cough assistant


-oxigen sat. Monitor

-suction machine


-tilt table

search to web for the following subjects:
Abuse-Safeguarding Adults
Diseases-Brain injury,Celebral Palsy,infections(MRSA,HiV,TBC,Hepatitis) Codes of Practice for SocialCareWorkers
Person-centered Care
Murder of Michael Gilbert
Service users rights
Pa testimonials

-It has need a longer experience with this ,itself the training not enough without experience,That is the best If the client able to instructions me what need to do ,and how.

-big responsibility to take a deal and to manage a diabetic client ….not just about the insulin ,but about everything,because this disease does bad effects on every way of the client life/health(how cook and often to check ,daily more times their sugar limit)

It was the most complicated knowledge for me ,because so much depend on the clients personally needs .And there are to carry out just some minutes my duty if the client is in emergency situation.

-It was so useful to repeat my previous knowledge to fresh up what I have learned before,first of all the handling and moving part of the the training what I have enjoyed…etc ,how I can to move somebody if I can not rolling them.

-very helpful to keep a health/strong breathing ability ,this is an exercise to the breathing muscles of client

-this keeps in correct position the client arms and legs

-keep in focus the oxigen limit of client and this does and alarm if this is low,so then the Pa has time to act with this.

-keeps clear the client’s airway.

– This will helps to breathe deeply and cleans the airways

-a good and safe and also a comfortable equipment to stand up and take balance,stimulaing the musc les.

What part of your job are you really good at? What gives you greatest pleasure?

I have been in more countries and I have worked there as a carer …with very different type of clients in different languages ,different lifestyle…so in this way I accept everyone easy way I’m flexible and I learn quickly in new situations. I can help in their life my clients to keep them independent as possible,because the little things can takes a lot day to day.I could make it easier to manage their lifestyle and to provide them confident feelings,because they can controll their life.

Feedback: (to complete by assessor)

What parts of your job do you find difficult? What parts of your job do you want to improve?

If somebody is disabled then they have a hard situation in their life ,because their life more complicated like to others. So this situation can lead stressful and impatient personality ,…It is not always easy to tolerate.This has been more times when the client was angry,nervious,impatient ..etc or just They had a bad day…and a part of the clients has a propensity to deduce it on the Pa….

-try to be more accepting and patience
-develop the English language and acquire more knowledge in my work

Feedback: (to complete by assessor)

Why did you decide to complete your Diploma? What goals have you set yourself which can be achieved by the completion of the Diploma?
I have 7-8 years experience as a carer but I had no any education about it ,so this is the high time after several years of experience to take some qualification. And also in this way I can improve in my job and I can provide a higher quality care for my client ,and probably I can take more knowledge in wider part of care job. Furthermore Some clients are also to prefer to take a Pa ,Who has a diploma.

Please complete at the end of your Qualification
Have you achieved the goals you have set yourself by completing your Diploma? Has it improved your practice and how?
What is your next goal?

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