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Personal Development Paper Essay

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I have a lot of scope for improvement. I have a lot of potential both professionally and in the personal space – I need to tap it. My asthetic sense, candor and imagination help me stand out in a crowd and I need to fine tune these skills. Given my high sensitivity to stress, I tend to get very irritable and frustrated during high pressure scenarios. I am exteremly disorganized and this has really harmed me all my life. I really need to work on my organization skills.

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Goals To be more organized, and disciplined. I need to have a stronger work eithc, and develop strong analytical and quant skills.

I would also like to invest alot of time in reading, and wasting less time doing meaningless stuff. Reading and getting exposed to the opportunities everywhere gets me excited, and once I am excited – I am driven. Perception of others In all honesty, others view me as exteremly modest but that is because I am good at hiding my weaknesses. They respect my candor and people skills, and appreciate my input once in a while. Standards organization expects you to meet Disciplined, focused, very strong finance background, strong work ethic, working in high pressure scenarios, and having a strong sense of responsibility.

DEVELOPMENTAL PLANNING WORKSHEET Professor Randall S. Peterson DEVELOPMENT ISSUE (from GAPS analysis): The issue is that I am easily intimidated, and not focused. I tend to get distracted with my surroundings and tend to loose interest in my own ambition and agenda. I tend to get bored easily, and leave things in the middle – very impatient. EXPECTED OUTCOMES: What will be different? What could someone else observe that will change? For starters I will be more diligent, focused and orderly. This can be seen through my group participation, my in class assignments, my club involvement and my career hunt activities.

Juggling so many aspects at once will require all of the above. My quant and financial skills can really develop if I invest time, and effort in reading and understanding the material. This can also be a visible change. What will I gain by achieving the goal? What is in it for you? Happiness. Job. Personal satisfaction. Personal growth and development. WHO ELSE NEEDS TO BE COMMITED TO THIS: What will you need to do as soon as you get back to the office to get started? Who do I need to get committed to helping me? And what is in it for them? Me, myself and I. LEARNING STRATEGIES FOR DEVELOPMENT

(use at least three of the six to make your development goal SMART) 1) Seek New Challenges/Projects Challenge PE CASE CHALLANGE Specific Action/Time/Deadline working with people in a field I have very little experience in. Taken a challenge. Have to work hard. This will improve my quant and tech skills. 2) Take Courses and Workshops Course/Workshop ????? Specific Action/Time/Deadline ????? 3) Develop Ongoing Feedback Name(s)/Strategy for Identifying People Study Group Specific Action/Time/Deadline Montly feedback on progress – personally and professionally. Team contract also helps keep us in check.

4) Identify Role Models and Coaches Name(s)/Strategy for Identifying People Raluca – Class mate Specific Action/Time/Deadline She helps me stay focused and organized everyday. We plan the everyday in advance, and luckily always manage to achieve the target. 5) Development Reading Books/Papers ????? Specific Action/Time/Deadline ????? 6) Other Learning Tactics Strategy ????? Specific Action/Time/Deadline ????? OBSTACLES What will I give up? I will give up making excuses. I will talk less listen more. I will give up wasting time, and reading more. I will give up being disorganized.

What are the major obstacles and how will I manage them? Obstacle is just me and my mind – I need to be focused, and do proper time management. Not get distracted with the noise around me. Work at my pace, and be patient. How to work with me I am pretty flexible, and easy going. Only thing is I lack commitment, and have poor work ethics. I tend to get distracted easily and hence get frustrated when the pressure builds up. Please be a little strcit with me when it comes to academics. I need to get more responsibility so I am actually forced to put in effort, instead of depending on others.

This will help me build my quant and analytical skills, and that will increase my confidence 10 folds. Since I tend to get distracted easliy, please always bring me back on track. I am very dependable, approachable, and I love interacting with people and learning through people. Hence, if I don’t understand something, and if someone explains it to me politely I will always listen. I tend to disagree alot, and sometimes unnecessairly. I am also very open to people criticizing me. I love negative feedback so I have room to develop. Please motivate me, and cultivate in me discipline.

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