Personal Definition of a Home Essay

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Personal Definition of a Home

I have several personal definitions of a home. Let me lay them down to you according to the level of importance. For me, the least important is its physical aspect.

Basing on this, a home for me should have the best kitchen: 1) since I love wine so much, wine coolers which are built in should be present; 2) because I am an excellent cook, I dream of having professional ranges and convection ovens which should go with exhaust fans which are extremely silent & range hoods that are mounted, of course; 3) dishwashers should be stainless steel and built in, though not necessarily the most expensive or top-of-the-line; 4) since I go to the market and grocery regularly to distress, I would like Sub-Zero Refrigerators for all the food/ingredients I bought; 5) granite counters will do also; 6) the cabinets should have glass door panels so ingredients/food are easily accessible since they will be easily seen; 7) there should also be another sink, which I will surely need especially during occasions/celebrations; 8) spice racks would also be very convenient for me so it should really be present in my kitchen; 9) towel warmers and warming trays should be in the kitchen as well; 10) good lighting system should also be installed (Weintraub, 2007).

Furthermore, it should also be provided with extremely nice bathrooms: 1) a bathroom which is composed of glass and bricks; 2) antique dressers should also be found in it; 3) showerheads and hand-held sprayers should also be present; 4) unique low rise toilets should also be installed; 5) lots of candles and potpourri should be placed inside as well (Weintraub, 2007).

Moreover, a room functioning as a personal library or study area should be made available since I love quiet moments and I love to read, plus, I really like my collection of books to be found in just one place. In addition to that, playroom for my future children should make up my home as well. I have lots of toys and I really would love to keep them for my future children’s use also. Plus, media room should be made available also where I could watch television, play computer games, Xbox, listen to music etc. Wine cellars should also be built especially that my family loves to drink wine. Another very important aspect concerns the people in my home.

A home for me should be composed of nice people, meaning, they have the ability to show respect to all the housemates, they should know when to volunteer and help out with the household chores, and they should value the opinion of the other members of the home. Furthermore, where I am happy is home for me as well. I can sacrifice the physical aspect I mentioned for happiness. Or if I am obliged to choose between the physical aspects of a home which I have always dreamed about and happiness, for instance, a place where my “love” is, then I would definitely go for the latter. Home then is where my lifetime partner is. The most important, however, for me is the spiritual aspect. It does not matter what religious group the other members of the family belong to as long as they believe in God. It is important to me that individuals in my home follow certain principles and that they fear God.

Friend’s Definition of Home Meanwhile, for my best friend, a home would be a large blue and white house made of glass and bricks with two kitchens, fifteen rooms since she plans to have 12 children at least with each room having its own bathroom. My best friend also loves to read and so she would definitely like a library to make up her home. An extremely wide music room for her instruments and sound system should also be provided since she loves to listen to music and excessively fond of playing it as well. However, just like me, she would trade anything “physical” just to be with her “love”. Home then is where the person you love is and where happiness is found.

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