Personal Competency Essay

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Personal Competency

Personal competencies represent a person’s ability, skill, character, and knowledge that develop through life experiences. Competencies are required to perform efficiently in any professional organization. The ability to fully understand his or her personal competencies and using it as a resourceful tool for improvement constructs the foundation of highly effective management department. Poor communication is often the biggest barrier in organizational effectiveness. In a managerial position, development of communication skills is an integral part for managers to build and maintain relationships by employee‘s self-concept.

When expectations are known, uncertainties are reduced, outcomes can then be better predicted allowing the organization to run smoothly. To overcome conflicts and effectively communicate with different areas of the business, management uses communication technique to have a pleasant and productive work atmosphere. Clearly defining each position’s roles and responsibilities sets a foundation and reduces tension in the workplace. Employees feel valued when managers actively listen to concerns and allow workers to participate in any decision-making process.

This helps build a positive, parallel relationship between the manager and employee. Keeping an open mind and knowing that disagreements can occur help contribute to advancement of a business by realizing that management may not always be right. Innovating and strategizing are the essential competencies to focus on in order to adapt strong communication skills. A successful innovative organization clearly explains to each employee the organization’s vision, mission, purpose and each position’s responsibilities.

Making sure the vision is understood, trusting staff members and prioritizing meetings is a guiding light for an innovative organization. Strategizing also is another critical element that allows better communication. Reflecting on the previous year, and current year and planning for future years allows the organization to expand through the use of communication. Communication is the key to the success of many objectives and goals set by individuals and upper management. Recognizing each individual’s personality and finding various ways to communicate is an integral part of management in any organization.

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