Personal Branding Plan Paper Essay

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Personal Branding Plan Paper

My professional career is composed of nearly fifteen years in the business world. During these fifteen years I have gained experience and a wealth of knowledge in the fields of sales, marketing, data entry, customer service, and training and development. I have worked in a few industries and during my tenure have learned the skills needed to successfully complete my tasks, in addition I have made observations that allow me to uniquely apply solutions that build efficiency and profitability for any organization. I started in customer service and my eagerness to learn more about the company and my role within it, let me to other positions such as sales, then finance, then corporate accounts and finally a position with Training and Development that has me currently working as an Assistant Manager. I have learned to connect with coworkers and clients in both a call center and face-to-face environment.

In addition to customer care I have learned the ins and out of working in the business world to include meeting strict guidelines and producing results even when all the desired resources may not be available. I have learned negotiation tactics beneficially to all parties involved and creating ultimate value for the client whether that be a customer, your employer or a colleague. My experience has yielded positive results and satisfied clients culminating in my confidence that I would be an asset to any company and vice versa. A few of the companies I would like to work for include Southwest Airlines, the local School District, and Capital Group. At the top of my list, at this point in my life, would be Southwest Airlines. Not only are they ranked a wonderful employer but the perks of free flights for myself and loved ones would be excellent especially since all my relatives live out of town. I believe my experience would be greatly utilized at Southwest and we could mutually help one another improve.

I could bring my plethora of skills to their workforce, and in return for my hard work, they would reward me with the ability to see family I haven’t seen in over a decade. Considering we are a family of five this saves considerable money and would be a great motivator to stay long term. Another company of great interest for me would be working for Capital Group, a leading group focused on delivering superior results to investors and financial institutions worldwide. This company not only provides great pay to their employees but benefits include generous amounts placed in a savings account for their employees by the employer. Also, although it is very important considering pension plans are a thing of the past; I would love to learn more about investing and mutual funds, and 401K.

This company would allow me the privilege of learning something I have recently found interest in and I in turn could provide my expertise to assist and enhance in any way possible. Lastly, I would be greatly interested in working for the local school district mainly to get a bird’s eye view of the system especially now that my children are a part of it. Also, a great benefit to me would be having the same days off as my children when it comes to vacations and school holidays so we can be together as a family and I wouldn’t have to incur childcare fees while they are out of school. My expertise in many areas would be benefit to the School system because I can see things from a fresh perspective and offer viable alternatives to enhance the system for all involved.

The best method for contacting the companies mentioned above would be submitting my resume online. In order to engage and influence the hiring decision, I must ensure my resume has areas that stand out to identify me as a good if not better fit than most. Because each company is unique I need to ensure I personalize my resume to best suit the needs of the desired company and position. Once I secure an interview I will present myself in the best light possible and showcase my talents and abilities in a manner that will display why I would be a great fit for this company and why hiring me would be mutually beneficial.

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