Personal and Professional Development in College

Task 1. Individuals can research they will be able to do, can be or has been issued a university or college, or even in workplace learning, people can learn different techniques to do research but also for example, a friend of the British business-related information to understand what in a commercial environment. Seminars and conferences People can learn seminars, meetings where they experienced what the future changes. Seminars and conferences, so that people have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge about something other people who end up learning something new.

Seminars and conferences can help people become confident in public speaking and development are needed in the organization’s Presentation Skills Social Networking There are different social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and I book a year, who spent more than two hours a day chatting with friends to learn about other people’s information may also make use of Blackboard, the Internet and the new group of people can learn new things.

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People can learn how social networks like Mark Zuckerberg, how he became successful owners, individuals can learn and find their way in their career success.

Internet Individuals can learn through the Internet, such as different from the articles written by different authors involved in management, strategy, risk management, and other people get this knowledge could be transferred to the workplace. There are on the internet to help people learn things such as, there is different information and services, people can learn from them different websites, you can search.

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Through self-management of learning, personal experiences like me personal things, there are ways to encourage lifelong learning for personal and professional background. Lifelong learning is constantly learning about the individual, may contribute to their fields of specialization. Individuals can be used as a means of lifelong learning have a personal assessment of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis).

My advantage is a good learning ability, ambitious, friendly, etc., weakness is that sometimes I feel the pressure, when I’m tired, but I tried to control it with adequate sleep and do some physical exercise, helps to maximize reduce the pressure on me, the opportunity to continue to further my education and the threat of a recession, money. SWOT analysis By assessing personal SWOT analysis, which will help me with my professional learning is selfreflective learning and continuing professional development (CPD) using other tools. Self-reflective learning attempts to review some comments, personal judgment, understanding and action, you are willing to consider an appropriate manner and honesty. This will help me link to my professional development to practical problems that I’ve experienced in my life, social or academic.

Learning self-reflection Learning self-reflection can help in the workplace also have a job assigned to me the tasks and responsibilities, through the development of personal skills and learn new skills. The self-reflective learning comments of things, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) a combination of methods, concepts and technologies to help develop my personal learning and growth to a certain level, I can contact my effective learning, planning and assessment through professional other people, to accept the judgment or opinion. Decision-making, self-management of learning the skills to help individuals purchase decision, through a variety of learning experiences, they may be from the education or work experience.

Morality, individuals can from personal experience, this may be an advantage in a professional way to organize learning about moral judgments. Solve the problem, these are the kind of skills, personal skills through self-study, a person can get them on how to solve a variety of problems, almost can be applied in the organization of work, education, hobbies or interests transferred. Organizations prefer people to be flexible working patterns mean people without a job, may limit any individual to assume different tasks. Individuals can obtain this through self-study to focus on organizational goals. Task 2. What does the word priority mean? When we prioritise something in our workplace we have established its order of importance. We are giving it special attention because it is important at that time to do this task first. Let me give you a very broad, perhaps exaggerated example.

You are bagging instruments in the steriliser room. The receptionist has slipped out to get some milk. The telephone rings. What do you do? Of course you don’t keep bagging the instruments because that is now not your top priority. You stop and answer the telephone. Spare time duties tend to come into play when prioritising work. These are tasks we carry out when we have spare time rather than giving them top priority. Take a moment to think of tasks that take priority over others. These tasks will have a hierarchy of importance.

Most times you will automatically place your tasks in some priority order without even thinking about it. At other times a certain task takes precedence over what you are doing at the moment and you have to change tack. There may be many tasks similar to the telephone incident that you will have to give priority to when the situation demands it.

That is what work prioritising is all about. The right of self-analysis and job analysis First, through scientific methods and means of cognition, their career interests, temperament, personality, ability to conduct a comprehensive understanding, know their strengths and strengths, weaknesses and shortcomings. Designed to avoid the blindness, to design a highly appropriate. Secondly, the modern professional with its own regional, industry, job and other characteristics. To rate this occupation where the industry status and development prospects of a more in-depth understanding of such talent supply situation, the average wage situation, an informal group of industry norms; also need to understand the specific occupational skills.

Construct a reasonable knowledge structure The accumulation of knowledge is taught basic and necessary conditions, but knowledge alone is not sufficient to show that a number of people really level of knowledge, not only to have a considerable amount of knowledge, but also to form a reasonable knowledge structure, there is no reasonable knowledge structure, can not utilize their creative function. Reasonable knowledge structure generally refers to the pagoda, and network type.

Training of professional practice ability required Comprehensive ability and knowledge is the basis for the employer select talent. Generally, enter new positions should focus on training to meet the needs of the community in decision-making ability, creativity, social skills, practical skills, organization and management skills for lifelong learning and self-development ability, psychological adjustment, resourcefulness capability. Participate in vocational training useful Vocational training, including vocational skills training, vocational adaptability of self-assessment, career intentions of scientific determination and so on. Through the “three rural” activities, students “youth volunteer” activities, graduation practice, and engage in social entrepreneurship on campus part-time simulation of professional practice, career intentions evaluation etc. vocational training.

To meet the company’s needs and future requirements 1. Self-assessment. Including the individual’s needs, abilities, interests, personality, temperament, etc. analysis to determine what career is more suitable for themselves and what they have the ability. 2 .Organization and Social Environment. More emphasis on short-term planning analysis of an organization’s environment, long-term planning should focus more on the analysis of the social environment.

3. Career Opportunity Assessment. Career opportunities include the assessment of longterm opportunities and short-term opportunities for assessment. Through the analysis of the social environment, combined with my specific situation, assess what the long-term development opportunities; organization’s environment through analysis, evaluation organization which short-term opportunities for development. 4. career goals OK. Determine career goals include goals in life, long-term goals, medium-term goals and short-term goal setting, they are associated with life planning, longterm planning, medium-term planning and short-term planning correspond.

First, according to personal professional, personality, temperament and values and social trends to determine their own life goals and long-term goals, and then provide detailed life goals and long-term goals, based on personal experience and organizational environment in which to develop appropriate medium-term goals and short-term goals. 5. to develop an action plan. The objectives into specific programs and measures.

This process is the more important action programs have career path choices, career choices, appropriate education and training plans. 6. Assessment and feedback. Career planning assessment and feedback process is an individual constant awareness of their own process, but also the constant awareness of the social process, is to make more effective career planning a powerful tool. Task 3.First began to weave dreams, including you want to have, what you want, you want to be, and you want to experience. Sit down, take a piece of paper and a pen, write down your wishes hands. When you write, do not control what those goals the way to go to reach, is to try to write. Until you feel there is nothing you can write, you can look at the following questions and answer them, and these questions will guide you to get to know their own heart’s desire, which would take some time, but you are now efforts to The next step is for the rich harvest for the next base.

1) in your life, what five things do you think the most valuable? 2) In your life, which of the three most important goals? 3) If you have only six months to live, how would you utilize these six months? 4) If you immediately become a millionaire, in what matter, your approach will be different and today? 5) What are the things that you have always wanted, but did not dare try to do? 6) In life, what activities do you find most important? 7) If you are sure that he will not fail (have substantial time, resources, capacity, etc.), which one would you dare to dream something? After answering these questions, you have a list of all the targets are divided into six categories – 1 healthy 2, training / knowledge 3, love / family 4, career / fortune five, six friends, social Look at what you wrote, I hope to reach the expected time frame. When do you want to accomplish?

There just might be called to achieve time-bound targets, no time limit can only be called a dream. Selected in this year’s most important to you four (also can be increased to six) goals. Your list of goals from Select your most willing to invest, you most excited I want to try, the best way to satisfy your four things, and write them down. I suggest that you clearly and concisely, certainly write your real reason for implementing them, tell yourself to achieve its objectives and their grasp of the importance to you. If you do things to know how to find a good reason, then you can do anything, because the motivation to pursue goals motivate us more than the goal itself.

Check your list of four goals, whether the result of the formation of the five rules match. 1) with a positive tone to anticipate your results, say what you want rather than undesirable; 2) the results to be as specific as possible, but also a clear deadline set for the completion of the project; 3) to be able to get things done when you know completed; 4) To be able to seize the initiative, rather than fancy about; 5) whether the benefit to society. List what you already have a variety of important resources. When you make a plan, you have to know what tools to use.

You have listed a list of resources, which includes its own personality, friends, possessions, educational background, time, capacity, and others. This list is more detailed the better. When you finish all this, would you please review the past, there are those who will use the resources listed in your very skillful.

Find out what you think the past two or three most successful experience, think about what to do special things that has caused career, health, finance, relationships successes, make a note of this particular reason. When you’re done in front of career planning method, please write to achieve the goal itself has the condition. Write down your reasons for not immediately achieve their goals. First you have to start from the analysis of their personality, why hinder your progress? To achieve their goals, you have to take what approach to take?

If you are unsure, you can think of are there any winners worthy of you to learn? You have Daosuan from the final achievement, to your current position one step list the required practices. Then you find out in Article VII of the data as you design your plans for the future reference. May now that four important goals for yourself, set out to achieve their career planning approach for each.

Do not forget, set back from your target career planning methods, and ask yourself, how to do my first step, to be successful? What hinders me, how do I change ourselves? We must remember that your plan may contain what you can do today, do not aim too high. Find some for themselves a model worthy of emulation. Celebrities from around you, or from which to identify three, five goals in your outstanding achievements in the field of people who simply write down their successful character and deeds.

You done that, you think the eyes closed, as if each of them will be able to offer you some suggestions to achieve their goals, write down each of them a recommended approach, as they talk privately with you, like, focus in the next sentence down his name. Recall that in the past there had been a major success stories. Biao for technology use it with your new target image replacement. There are so diverse and the overall significance of the target. Create for themselves an appropriate environment.

Often reflect the results made. Out a form, write down your goals in the past has been realized something. Thou shalt see what he learned during this period which is worth to thank the people that you have what special achievements. Many people often only see the future, but do not know to cherish and make good use of already owns. So I’ll tell you that one of the elements of success is to keep a grateful heart, and always be grateful for their situation. Task 4. Skills are those that can be migrated from one job to another job transfer in use, and can be used to perform many types of job skills. Many liberal arts students may be positive for the lack of formal work experience and concerns, but also feel that they have few skills, here to talk about liberal arts students in schools can and should play in the development of skills that can be migrated The modern college students, need to exercise can be migrated skills include:

1. Communication Skills: Effective Listening, drafting articles and reports, to individuals or groups illustrate the importance of your point of view, the negotiations deal with controversy. 2. solve problems or critical thinking skills: analytical thinking, abstract thinking, in order to examine the broad vision problems, define a problem, identify the problem with a different solution, create a different response to the problem, to persuade others to groups to act in the best interests prevail.

3. interpersonal skills: talking with colleagues, knowing that others, to help people solve problems, communicate ideas effectively, collaborate with others to solve problems and complete the task, with diverse groups to work well, professors or training others. 4. Organizational Skills: assessment of needs, planning and scheduling presentations or social events, project design, coordination of activities, licensing, project evaluation, management of project implementation. 5. Research skills: computer database searches or printed reference materials, discovery and formation theme, analyze data, to data classification, to deal with specific matters, survey questions, recording data, writing term papers report back. School, work and social life needs, may mean that you leave things the night before, or forgot to hand important task. Good time management can help you to play with your busy life.

You do not need your grades suffer, all the hard work go to waste, because you let some slip through the net. Step 1: Get your schedule helicopter view In your academic planners to: 1. assignment deadlines and other assessments due 2. Date of Examination 3. need to participate in social functions, such as a family birthday or regular sporting events. Step 2: Create a master to do list The best you can do one of the things you need to do is to list all the things. Writing things down and get them out of your head and onto the paper’s behavior to reduce your stress, so you know exactly what you need to do. Step 3: Weekly Use Plan Plan your work and work your plan, you avoid the trap of last minute cramming sessions and nervous the night before the job to write-ups.

Time management for students, this is a win-win situation, because you 1. to reduce your stress, 2. Improve the quality of your learning, 3. to improve your score! Step 4: Improve your learning skills Effective learning is not an all-night cram session the day before the exam. Nor is it his desk 12 hours straight! One of the important time management skills for students to plan and manage new information. This involves up to date with your reading and learning experience is a positive contributor. Achievement of a part can be connected with the fact that the knowledge of the larger model, and then communicated to their own words.

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