Person Centred Care Essay

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Person Centred Care

Individuality- Being unique and not seeing a person with their illness. This is important to make someone feel like his/her own person. Rights- Each person is entitled to their rights and they should be respected. This is important to make sure that everyone is treated the same. Choice- Make sure you choose the right choice and give them the right choice of their carer. This is important so that a person is comfortable with their choice. Privacy- This is respecting another’s privacy. This is important because a person could get embarrassed if their privacy is not respected and have low self esteem Dignity- Make sure you respect someone’s dignity this is important so that they don’t feel embarrassed. Independence- Not doing everything for a person. This is important so that a person is able to do certain things for him/herself Respect- Recognising them as a person.

This is important so that a person is felt like they are being treated fairly no matter what their sex, age or religion is. Partnership- Working with an older person or a vulnerable adult this could be the health services, social services, education services, family, friends or even informal carers. You must be able to explain the best practice which requires social care workers to be able to work in person centred ways reference to the current legalisation such as the government papers and the codes of practice. You also must be able to explain how the individuals receive the best of care once they decide what they want and how they want it to be delivered. Consent in adult social care refers to the provision of approval or agreement, particularly and especially after thoughtful consideration.

Social care workers must gain the consent of an individual so that they are able to help the individual out it is also because of legal implications, for example if someone is going to clean an individual they need permission to do so before they go ahead. A social care worker might gain the consent of an individual by verbally or written confirmation, by asking questions by giving the individual different choices. If a social care worker is unable to get consent due to the individual not being able to express themselves due to a mental illness or a lack of mental capacity or even because they are terminally ill then their consent may be obtained by asking their family or their next of kin.

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