Person Centred-Care Essay

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Person Centred-Care

It’s important to promote person centred values as no individual is the same and everyone’s needs are different. Therefore we need to show that we have taken into account the individual as it will make them feel more valued and appreciated. It gives a personal touch to our standard of care. Another reason for the importance of promoting person centred values, is to make not just the service user feel valued but also make the families feel that we are taking on board their knowledge and understanding of the service user, in order to give him/her the best care possible.


Consent is giving permission to do something, with an individual either taking part in an activity or accepting some kind of care or treatment.

It is a legal requirement that consent is established before any intervention or caregiving activity takes place. Establishing consent is one way care workers can demonstrate they respect the individual and the individual’s personal dignity.

Consent can be given in a number of ways; verbally, in writing or through actions. You may also have informed consent, such as perhaps by raising an arm to be supported when dressing, and thereby imply consent. Informed consent is given when the individual understands what they are consenting to. If we’re unable to gain consent you will go to the person allocated such as a social worker, next of kin (family) or advocates/solicitor.

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