Person-Centered Planning Essay

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Person-Centered Planning

The Person-Centered Approach helps students with special needs in their teaching experience by providing support to their needs and desires. Their relationship with the community and with themselves is being harnessed in this approach through the philosophy that provision of positive behavioral support to individuals and families of people with disabilities is the key in the latter’s pursue to what they actually want and need.

The Person-Centered Approach uses techniques, such as the Life Style Planning, Personal Futures Planning, The McGill Action Planning System, Framework for Accomplishment / Personal Profile, and the Essential Lifestyle Planning (Kincaid, year, p. 440). Once their skills and strengths are harnessed, the outcomes may be one or more of the following: (1) a more active community life; (2) gaining and maintaining satisfying relationships; (3) expressing preferences and making choices in everyday life; (4) having opportunities to fulfill respected roles and to live with dignity; and (5) continuing to develop personal competencies (Kincaid, year, pp. 440-441).

Group graphics offers great help in achieving these five essentials. However, there are also obstacles that come about while using this approach. The changes in the context, the culture, and the character pose an obstacle, driving the school or society to pose modification in the approach using additional information gathered out of the changing environment. This poses a need to revise and adapt processes that are being used for the recent techniques to be more effective and valuable. This is where Personal Profiling and Futures Planning become significant.

As stated by Don Kincaid, “[T]he uniqueness of each focus person, family, and support community requires significant adaptations each time the process is used” (year, p. 442). Other approaches, such as the Personal Futures Planning could also be valuable although, despite the benefits, there are also some challenges being posed behind the technique. Because the entire character changes over time, still there is the possibility that the emphasis moves away from what the person needs and/or wants. Reference Kincaid, D. (year). Person-Centered Planning. In Title of book. Place: publisher.

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