Person and Service Users Essay

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Person and Service Users

Answer 1

As a trainer of many subjects, I must ensure that my own knowledge of the various legislation and regulatory requirements and codes of practice are current and up to date, which are often subject to change, in order that the information relayed to the candidates is correct.

There are several key pieces of legislation that are paramount to the subjects I teach,

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 determines that I have a duty of care to each candidate / assessors who attend any course I deliver. To comply with this a risk assessment of the training facilities is undertaken and reviewed upon every course run.

In order to ensure the safety and welfare of the attendees a health and safety talk is conveyed making sure that all are aware of any potential hazards, fire evacuation procedures etc. Each attendee is made aware that they have a responsibility to ensure the safety of themselves and of those around them.

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) –This regulation dictates that lifting equipment used for lifting people is subject to a six monthly inspection by a competent person. Each hoist used to safely move people has a working emergency release to ensure that should the hoist fail the person is not stuck in mid air and is safely lowered to the floor within a short time.

In order to ensure that candidates are physically able and have no medical issues a Health Declaration form is completed and signed by all attending the courses. Should any medical issues arise then a short talk to the candidate is conducted ascertaining there capabilities.

Answer 2

I teach a variety of subjects and in a majority of the courses there is often mixed levels of knowledge and experience of the subject being taught. In order to achieve this information I introduce myself, explaining who I am and a brief description of my background and knowledge of the subject and then ask the class to introduce themselves and give a brief description of their experience if any of the subject. For those who have experience I explain that I value their input on the subject if they have any experiences on the area in which we are discussing. For the others who might be new to the subject I reassure that by the end of the course they will have a good working knowledge and confidence in the subject.

Once in the classroom I would discuss the subject matter that I intend to teach and with this valuable assistance of PowerPoint’s start the course. Throughout the course I encourage class interaction, asking questions for the class to discuss and come up with the answer. Ensuring that all students are involved, encouraging an open discussion.

As the majority of my client base is within the care industry the subjects I teach encourage equality and valuing diversity throughout as the main role of a carer is to promote independence of their service users and giving person centred care. Encouraging equality and valuing everyone’s opinion irrelevant of their background or culture, as we can learn from each other as we all have different life experiences. Answer 3

My role within lifelong learning is to make sure all candidates leave my courses learning at least one thing. And to deliver the course in a way that the feel valued and that their voice and opinion was heard.

Answer 4

As a trainer I have found that one of the simplest ways to meet the needs of the learners to those I am teaching is by relating to real-life situations and circumstances that I have faced. If you bombard the clients with PowerPoint’s which are just full of facts that they are trying to memorise or record the information becomes more difficult to absorb and less likely to be retained.

To promote additional learning a handout is produced, also in an easy to read manner for the learners to review to keep information fresh in their minds.

I encourage all candidates to become better carers, by learning more about their service users illness or injury and how this affects their service users.

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