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This freeze frame represents our interpretation of power, freedom and control. Starting with this as an opening scene, we sculpted around it to help us create a piece of drama. using everyone’s ideas we came up with different solutions and added them all together to create a well developed piece of drama. (All the cleaners are busy cleaning Dina’s mansion. Maria sings as she cleans Dina’s special jewels) Maria: (she places one of the necklaces against her neck, admiring them in the mirror) Am I ever going to own something as precious as this…… so shiny and so exquisite.

(Pause) Maybe I’m always going to be unfortunate. (Innocently places the necklace back in its box with a look of disappointment on her face) (Dina suspects Maria of stealing her jewels and walks out with a sinister look on her face, planning her move) (Night comes and Sheila, Mary, Wendy and Dawn get ready for bed. ) Dawn: I really shouldn’t be saying this… but… (Hesitating)… I just feel really trapped in this house cleaning all day everyday… don’t get me wrong I love my job and I’m very grateful but….

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. well… (Hesitating… long pause) Sheila: Hold on…

(Glancing from side to side)… where’s Maria? (Everyone looking around for Maria) Mary: Well where was she cleaning today… did anyone even see her cause I didn’t? (Pause… everyone thinks back) Wendy: (Suddenly remembering) Oh I remember… she was cleaning Dina’s best jewels down in the vaulted room.

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I can’t remember seeing her after that thought… (Trails off in thought) (They sit in silence, trying to think when and who saw her last… out of no-where they hear a Maria’s scream. They jump to their feet and look for the source of the screams. They bump into Dina on the way down)

Dina: OHH!! (Looking shocked) You gave me such a fright!! Oh yes that reminds me… I need the table set and ready by 6 am tomorrow morning, I’m expecting my guests early very early. Anyway what are you all doing here, wondering the corridors at this time of the night? Shouldn’t you all be in bed? You have a busy morning ahead. (Looks round at all of them) Mary: Ermm….. Ermm….. the main reception room hasn’t been clean for a long time cause it’s not used and as your guests expected early we thought we’d have it clean for you, you know… just in case. Dina:

Oh ok… don’t be cleaning too… (Stops as they hear the scream again – pause -laughing)… their goes that cat again. (Looking uneasy as she walks off to bed) (They all rush off following the scream. Reaching the hidden basement, Sheila scrambles around for the key in her pocket) Sheila: Here it is……. Maria are you in there? Maria: Yes…. Yes I’m in here! Please help get me out of here! (Sounding thankful and relieved) (Maria stumbles out looking pale. Everyone swarms round her) Wendy: Don’t worry its ok… were here now! (Holding Maria tightly) Dawn: Thank god your ok… we were soo worried.

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