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Performance of Home Insulation

First and foremost, drafts in a house can significantly hinder the performance of insulation, so a preliminary step to take is to find out where cold air is getting into the house and block it out. This can be done professionally, or with a draft proof sealant product; a variety of this is widely available. The roof of a house can louse large amounts of heat through rising hot air; therefore, it is important to have effective insulation in the roof.

The walls of the house are important as well; most of a house’s heat is lost through the walls.

An effective way to insulate the roof and the walls is with spray foam insulation. “Spray foam is a relatively new method of insulation that is quickly becoming the popular option for home and business insulation in the USA. Spray foam insulation generally costs about 20% more than fiberglass insulation during the insulation phase. However, with the advantages it has of getting into every crevasse it does perform better and do a better job of insulating in the long term.

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It is the future of insulation. ” Spray foam is applied to the cavities inside walls and under a roof.

The advantages of using spray foam instead of other material like fiberglass are numerous: spray foam has a higher R-value (a major factor in insulating effectiveness), blocks sounds transfer more effectively, has no fibers or “clumps” of loose matter, fills each cavity, crevice and void, is an inert substance of no food value and will not support mold, bacteria, or fungal growth, is cleaner and quicker to install, does not pose health hazards during the installation process, contributes no fuel in the event of fire, will not sustain flame upon removal of the flame source, and its flame-resistance does not deteriorate with age.

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Consider that a ceiling in a house collapsed. If it had fiberglass insulation, the air of the house would be filled carcinogenic fiberglass dust, and immediately skin-and-eye irritating debris would be everywhere. Spray foam is neither carcinogenic nor irritating, and the fact that it fills every void in cavities actually supports the house’s stability. To make sure that the house’s hot water stays hot for longer, one must look toward central heating insulation. This can be as simple as insulating a hot water tank with a hot water jacket, available for around $30.

By applying this pre-cut jacket to your hot water cylinder you can reduce heat loss by 75%. The hot water cylinder Jacket should be at least 70mm thick, preferably thicker. You can also insulate water pipes in the same manner. This can be trickier as it might involve taking up floor boards, but it’s worth it. It will help a homeowner avoid paying higher energy costs for constantly re-heating water. You also might consider placing a piece of rigid insulation, such as a bottom board, under the tank of the electric water heater.

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