Performance Management Plan Essay

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Performance Management Plan

Creating a performance management plan for Landslide Limousine Service is something Atwood and Allen Consulting will develop to assist LLS in this course of action for how to manage employees. Most small business owners are almost clueless when it comes to hiring and managing employees and this is where most of the issues may arise. This is where Atwood and Allen Consulting can guide and direct Mr. Stonefield in the right way to look at his business as a whole and how the right or wrong employees can impact the success of the business. . To start a performance management plan, LLS needs to look at all the key elements of the business and determine what should covered within it to reflect the vision and values of the business. LLS should first start with its main target; customers. Customers are what will generate this business and what they think matters. How they are treated and serviced will be what will either make them come back or stay away.

Where the business will operate out of should also be a consideration and the role employees will play in this part. Communities are important because that is where the customers live, reside and thrive. For this type of business, location and timing are everything. Airports, hotels, train and bus stations are ideal settings for where limousines are heavily utilized. If that chauffeur is kind, patient and attentive to a traveling client who has been in route for many hours; they are tired and irritable and the last thing they are looking for is a hassle. Keeping these type situations in mind when servicing customers, can be where LLS shines and stands out among their competition. How an LLS employee presents themself is crucial to the reputation of the business. They are the first line of service most see and depending on how well that employee performs and services the customer, may determine if that customer will use LLS again. People are what generates business; either as an employee or a client.

Customer service is the most frequent line of work and also sometimes the hardest. If a person does not feel they were treated appropriately, they will complain and find someone else to give their business to. This performance management plan will be designed to motivate both the owner and employees to remember why they are in this business and want it to succeed; money. There are many benefits to developing and using a performance management plan. Having a plan in place will help to build a viable business model on the direction a business should go. A (PM) will assist on how to concentrate on the customer and their needs. How well an employee is able to make specific provisions for their customer and do things their competition may not be doing or do not offer. With a plan in place will help a business stay competitive and even gain a competitive edge over their competition. Using testing, role play, interactions and conversations can aid with the (PM) because information is shared and the communication is effective.

Goals set and met, observations made and surveys conducted, all assist in illustrating an employee’s performance and how a manager can use the performance management plan to develop the employee in areas that are not as strong and encourage/ recognize them in the areas where they are strong. Instead of viewing a performance management plan as another useless and inefficient overhyped tool; managers can introduce the (PM) as a new way of measuring the growth and potential of an employee. This will be how Mr. Stonefield selects and gauges several things about the type of employee he wants needs and has. The success of the performance management plan will depend how the manager uses it and what it will do for the employee’s performance.

With a viable performance management plan in place, valued and qualified employees to do the job and a manager who is a leader; this business can become a thriving company that could set a new precedence in how a limousine service is successfully run and operated. Landslide Limousine Services can’t go wrong by implementing this plan at the very beginning and being consistent in communication of this plan to every employee. LLS will be in sync with the kind of business they want to run as stated through their values and integrity when doing business and this is where the performance management plan reveals how effective it truly is.

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