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Performance management in UFI Essay

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Before UFI can start giving employees bonuses or begin to sack people they need to know how well they and the business is performing. On the 10th of May each year UFI will release their end of year report, which shows how well they have performed during the past year, on the same date they also release the objectives for the year proceeding. This is when the business hand out their “UFI planning and feedback form” (attached) to each employee to fill in accordingly.

Analysis of UFI planning and feedback form

S1 = This sheet is to show who has filled the form in, who their line manager is and to arrange a date to review how they are doing and if they are on target to reach the objectives

S2 = On sheet two the employee writes down his/her objectives, which is obviously important as they need to know their objectives so they can aim for them! The priority of the objective is also written down, this is also an important task because it is natural in every aspect of work for some areas to have a higher priority then others. If the business wants to aim more into one direction then another then it will want its employees to do the work that will help the business succeed in that area. Finally on this sheet is the “summary of achievement including demonstration of values” which in laymen terms means = ‘what you have done’

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S3 = If the employee feels that he/she needs training in a certain area thus improving their productivity for the business then they write that in here. By doing this, UFI are making sure that all their employees are skilled individuals who are competant and able to do work that is asked of them. Also on this sheet is the managers summery, which, as the name suggests, is where the employees manager summarises on his/her workers performance.

S4 = On sheet five is the “end of year colour band.” This is a key for you to tick where you feel the description best shows how well you have worked this year. By doing this UFI can analyse how well their staff believe they have done, e.g. if they employed 200 people ==>

Yellow = 5

Purple = 14

Red = 114

Green = 47

Blue = 20

Then with this information UFI could draw up charts, graphs or whatever they want to do with it. Also on this sheet there is a section titled “individual’s comments.” This space is more then likely to be filled in with people who have just ticked the yellow or purple box with reasons/excuses of why they haven’t ticked the purple box!

S5 = on this sheet is the key for the colour band for the sheet before. Another reason why UFI uses this colour band is for employee morale. As most probably the majority of employees will be ticking the red, green or blue boxes, they then turn the page and read how important they are to the businesses drive to success. What could be better for your ego then reading ==> “You have been a role model in the demonstration of UFI’s values”?

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