Performance Management Essay

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Performance Management

Ques 1. How would you describe Teresa Ross’s approach to the assessment and management of Blake’s performance? I believe that Teresa’s approach to assessment and management of Blake’s performance was not fair enough and Blake certainly deserve more than what he was rated by her. His performance was rated in the bracket of “satisfactory”when clearly he falls in the bracket of “excellent. Blake has been a good manager given his record of being able to retain all its customers and training his employees effectively. He had the talent of managing two very important responsibilities that he was given as the district manager since the past 3 years.

He has been working with the company for a very long time, 12 years and through his good performance reached higher positions even without much higher education. Also, as told by Blake, he tries to keep cordial relations with his customers as well as company’s personnel. He puts in efforts to find better ways of doing the work in his district which breaks the monotony at the work place. Blake’s habit of excessive reporting might be irritating for the person on the receiving end but he tries to keep the regional manager updated and involved which is better than one doing work on his own will.

Teresa’s assessment seems to be effected by the fact that if he gets a good score he might be eligible for the position of assistant manager and because of his different style of work she might not be able to work with him peacefully. Even though she knew he deserved well more than he got, she gave him a lower rating. She emphasised more on the weaker parts of his performance. His assessment should be on the basis of his work experience and his performance since 12 years in the company.

He might have taken a long leave due to health problems but if it was his first time, it could’ve been excused. He can be given a warning for his leave to avoid such a situation in future. Teresa being a senior manager should be able to tackle the problem of working with any type of employee however his attitude may be. At the end of the day it is important that the company continues to do well. Ques 2. Are Teresa’s concerns with Blake’s performance legitimate? Will Blake have justified reasons for feeling dissatisfied with the assessment and management results? Answer.

Teresa’s concerns with Blake’s performance are legitimate but they are not reason enough for him to get a satisfactory rating. Blake’s working style might not be compatible with hers but if it has been effective with the other employees like the ones at his district for such a long time, then her reason becomes a personal problem that she may have with Blake if they work together and such a problem should not affect the company’s progress. Blake’s record of customer retention is a valuable asset for the company and is very important in his performance assessment.

Whereas Teresa’s concern regarding Blake’s long leave is concerned, it has been seen that is has not affected his current performance. If Blake is warned about his carelessness in health matter and how it could affect his career of which he is very proud, it might bring in a change his lifestyle solving this problem. It is again not a good enough reason for him to be marked poorly. Blake will definitely not be satisfied with the results he will see. The assessment should’ve been on the basis of his work throughout the time that he has worked in the organisation.

According to his self-assessment he considers him a very different type of a district manager who keeps it a routine to find new and better ways of doing the job. He always makes room for improvement at work place. This way he keeps in touch with his company personnel as well as customers. His attitude about himself and his career is very proud and is looking forward to the promotion. When he sees that his rating lies in the bracket of “satisfactory”, it will make him very unhappy. Ques 3. How could Jet Food’s system of performance assessment and management be improved?

If you were Jet’s vice president of human resources, what changes would you suggest? Answer. The present system of performance assessment and management is not very efficient given the fact that an employee like Blake who has performed well for the past 12 year of his job, had a good record was given a satisfactory rating because of minor issues. The rating system used currently seems to be very narrow and doesn’t seem to include all the attributes that are very subjective and need to be given equal attention while assessing a person’s performance.

In this case, the assessment was based more on the type of person Blake is rather than the performance hhe has shown in the past years. The system could be improved if different attributes were given a separate rating and then all these could be summed up to take out the grand total. By such a method, an employee’s correct assessment could be done. These different attributes could be an employee’s relation with customer, with fellow employees, with superiors, his/her style of working, loyalty to the company, his/her attendance and others based on the type of work and workplace.

Other than this, also a quantitative analysis of an employee’s performance should also be taken into consideration, for example, by how much did the sales increase since the employee was the person in charge or how many new customers was an employee able to get to the company. Also a feedback by other employees regarding a person’s attitude in the workplace could also be taken to check an employee’s compatibility with others.

If I were the vice president of the human resources I would like to ensure that there is a very well formed and efficient system of assessment should exist in the company. No one employee should be biased in any matter for their own convenience. If a superior is assessing any subordinate, valid reasons should be accompanied with the rating given so that it is justified. A person who did not get a promotion should be told his mistakes to give him a chance to improve for such opportunities in the future. All employees should be given a chance to grow and prosper by learning from their mistakes.

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