Performance Evaluation Essay

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Performance Evaluation

There are forces of the government of the United States of America that give the protection and assurance that the said country will be safe and sound despite the opponents or the countries that try to oppose it. There are air forces, military on land and something that we call the United States Marines whom are assigned to take charge of the transactions and dealings with the bodies of water under the premises of America. There might be some circumstance that we have no grasp in evaluating the performances of the officials under this sector since they are a bit far from the media.

However for this case, we might wish to evaluate their performance, whether they deserve the positions they are into, or they are just wasting the funds of the government of America. In what I assume to be a reasonable form of evaluation, there must be written and oral reports of the transactions of the marines. Since they are all trained, I think they have the capability of putting their actions and performances into words that will be understood by many. The reports will contain financial and development reports that happened during a month because it will be a burden for them if they will do it everyday.

Another form of evaluating their performances is by checking on the stocks of the country whether the Marine forces contribute to the rise of the economy or not. This is a form of auditing aside from the reports they might be passing every month. One of their duties is ensuring peace and safety on seas, that is, if there are reported incidents of conflicts, maybe they are not doing their duties well. It might be a sign that if the rate of progress regarding tourists will rise, the marines perform their duties with the extent of their abilities.

With that case, we can say that we can be proud of them because they are worthy of our trust and that they can be good models of discipline throughout the country.


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