Performance – Dance Essay

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Performance – Dance

This evaluative essay will explore why the dance piece “Twilight” choreographed by Sarah Boulter and performed by Grace, Jessie, Heath and Nick, should be chosen in the Empire Theatre “Youth Arts Showcase”. This piece is an outstanding example of contemporary dance and by far the perfect choice for the showcase, as it clearly follows the selected criteria given by the committee. These are that it clearly exhibits the characteristics of contemporary dance, has a clear intention and is extremely entertaining to watch.

The characteristics of contemporary dance are clearly evident in the performance of “Twilight”. One evident characteristic in this piece is the use of Gravity (Rise and Fall) which is shown in a lot of movements. This is identified when each male lifts his female partner of the ground and the female performs a high kick into a split position, then back up again. In extension to this, flexed feet movements are included and shown when at the very start of the dance all four of the dancers perform their own movements/mini sequence for about 8 seconds in the middle of the stage, facing towards the audience.

Movements include leaps, high kicks, jumps and tumbling. Finally the dancers perform movements in parallel, which are seen when they position themselves in a diamond shape in the centre of the stage, facing the audience and perform the same energetic and percussive running, lifting and leaping movements at the same time, across the stage at high and medium level. Sarah Boulter’s dance sequence “Twilight” clearly tells the story of 4 vampires that are in battle.

This is shown through the female’s short, dark, ripped dresses and the male’s long black, ripped capes and pants. It is also highlighted by the fast, upbeat and loud tempo in the music as well as the lyrics “We will be Victorious”, which reveal that they are fighting and will win. The intention of the dance piece was also shown through the movement elements. The 4 dancers begin walking down a flight of stairs into a horizontal line, facing the audience. Each dancer then breaks into an individual routine, showing their “battle moves”.

In addition to this, the dancers are also seen running around the stage in a circular formation, then breaking into a straddle leap across the stage, onto the ground. Finally, at the end of the dance all 4 dancers are seen in a different pose, then all dropping to the ground. This shows that they had either been defeated or were “worn out” and tired. After reading the above statements the intention has clearly been successfully conveyed to the audience in both a exiting and ingenious manner.

In my opinion “Twilight” was both an entertaining and creative dance piece to watch. This is achievable by including the amazing use of many lifts, jumps and varied floor patterns. The choreographer also included a lot of movement elements that the dancers did in unison. An example of lifts was when all dancers were in a square shape, and then the 2 females and 2 males branched off into couples. Each couple were then seen to do a lift, down into side splits then up again. Another great element in this piece was the veritable use of jumps and leaps.

This was seen at the start of the dance, when all of the dancers bunched up together and one of the females stood up on both of the males backs, jumped up and then landed on the males, they then all collapsed to the ground. Finally the various floor patterns showed many outstanding shapes and levels, which was seen when each dancer ran round the stage and zigzagged through each other. Consequently it is extremely clear that this dance piece is amazingly entertaining and creative to watch.

In conclusion, I believe that it is extremely clear that the dance piece “Twilight” choreographed by Sarah Boulter and danced by Grace, Jesse, Nick and Heath should be included in the Empire Theatres Youth Arts Showcase. This piece should be chosen as it clearly addresses the selected criteria supplied by the committee. The characteristics of contemporary dance are clearly highlighted through the use of Flexed Feet, Gravity (Rise and Fall) and Parallel Movements.

These can be seen when the dancers perform movements on different levels, as well as the use of energetic running in parallel and suspended leaps and lifts with flexed feet. The intention of the dance was clearly conveyed through the costumes which showed their characters. Finally the dance was amazingly entertaining to watch. The use of exciting level, directions and floor patterns kept the audience entertained and intrigued, so did the marvellous performance skills of the dancers. Consequently it is clear that this dance piece is the perfect choice for the showcase and therefore should be chosen.

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