Performance – Dance Essay

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Performance – Dance

Content: the performance we saw was a very simple setting with surprising contemporary dancing. It was a group of 6 dancers but 7 including the choreographer. Some very impressionable moments were when they would do the lifts and floor work all together I felt it was very strong and interesting.

Interpretation\connection: three important things I feel the audience should know about the performance is that the piece was a very different modern type of dance, it was based on animal instinct, and there was no specific genre of dance used for the performance to be based on. The most impressionable moment or me was when the dancers were each lined up separately with their backs towards the audience in between the pillars on the back wall up stage, I like this moment because I thought the lighting and spacing really caught everyone in the audiences eye.

I felt the modern aspect, the theme of animal instinct and there being no exact genre of dance made me more open to the performance as art because I didn’t try to compare it to anything else I just watched it for what it was. For example at first I felt it was very weird but as it went it went on I grew to be more open to it.

Elements of dance: shape- The use of shape in the performance was unlike anything I have ever seen, they used every shape humanly possible but still made it look effortless and keep the audience watching. Space- The performance was well spaced at many times they were perfectly spaced between the large lines on the floor which was very cool looking. Time- There was no specific time ever really used because they has music that had no set beat or time. Dynamic- they used a large amount of emotion for this performance it was unique and really brought the piece to life through there dancing.

Overall impression: My impression of the performance is I thought it was a very unique and strong piece of dancing. I liked the use of shape and spacing I thought they were done very well, but I didn’t like the music I didn’t really think it was the best for the dancing and they could have chosen much better music since the dancing was so strong. Overall I thought
it was a strong and well done performance.

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