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Performance appraisal Essay

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Performance appraisal

Performance appraisals are tools that measure and evaluate a person’s performance on the-job for a certain amount of time. There are many different types of appraisal techniques to assess the company’s employees. Frequently these evaluations can lead to better benefits, promotions, and other rewards. The question is why do companies use appraisal systems? This paper will discuss the systems and answer this question.

The performance appraisal assists in the monitoring and evaluating of high-quality and low-quality work performance inside the service organization. “The performance appraisal system, when conscientiously integrated with the organization’s mission, strategic plan, structure, job design, and motivation and reward system, can serve as a valuable tool to change the personnel profile in a positive way” (Kettner, 2002). Performance systems are only good if they are carried out accurately by the managers or supervisors and are tactically planned out. A good Manager or supervisor can associate the objectives of an organization to a certain job tasks. The employees should be well aware of the company expectations of them before the appraisal. Good communication is crucial in the performance appraisals systems processes.

The person doing the appraisals is to remain bias free in turn for the process to work accurately. The appraiser must assess the sections of performance that may need to be improved upon. For the most part of the process the appraiser needs to stay in the shadows and just watch the employees work without their knowledge, because when people know they are being evaluated they tend to mess up . Specific norms inside the ratings need to be set up in turn to reward performance successfully. The evaluation cannot just have a one or a two in evaluating people are different and should use a larger scale. Evaluating several qualities is the framework for an excellent performance appraisal procedure. The most important thing to remember throughout the process is to remain truthful and honest.

An exceedingly industrious performance appraisal system will have the chance for staff enhancement. “A well-integrated performance appraisal system is tied to the work performed, accurately indicates, through a scoring system, each employee’s level of performance, and provides a reliable indicator of an employee’s strengths and weaknesses” (Kettner, 2002). The top five employees after the appraisal may see beneficial rewards or an increased salary. This appraisal will happen frequently to give everyone a chance for the rewards. These appraisals will be conducted in a timely manner with little delay to work. A good performance appraisal can have a number of things, some are listed below.

•Finishes all work in a timely manner•Abides by businesses procedures for work•Work is orderly and correct•Works as an individual or with a group good•On time for work•Takes notes in meetings and is involved•Uses time wisely and prioritize effectively•Initiates and remains productive with constant cooperation•Appreciate rules and regulations•Implements policies and procedures•Adapts to changes within the business•Uses procedures to resolve problemsCompleting work in a timely manner makes the task easier to complete, there will not be a great deal of work waiting for the next day. In order top have work completed in a timely manner the work and space needs to be organized. The more organized a person is the better he will do in the organization. Work and other aspects in life are alike, for example, if a person is organized in life then he will be at work to. Most people believe time costs money so if the time is being wasted then so is money, this is the reasons for procedures and protocols.

Procedures are important to follow because this will cause fewer problems down the line. Rules and regulation need to be followed to the T because they are there to help keep things running smoothly. Problem-solving techniques are always a good thing to see. A good worker always uses policies and procedures to solve minor problems; this will look good during appraisals. Without procedures and policies to follow there would be chaos, people would be unable to work together.

An employee needs to be able to work well with a group or by him self to grow in the work environment. A good employee is able to take notes while in a group meeting to refer to later if needed. Employees need to get involved with important conversations and voice their opinions for other to hear on a topic. The more the employee talks and is cooperating the better he will be able to do his job.

Time is important in any business, so it is crucial to be on time for work everyday. When the employee is late he might have missed an important meeting or crucial information. The employee needs to be able to prioritize and make sure things are in order to work effectively. Most important of all an employee needs to be able to accept and be able to adapt to change. The business community is changing every day and the business and employees need to change with it.

A performance appraisal of the employees happens everywhere whether there is an official system in place or not. In a small company the official system is probably not used due to the fact there are not numerous employees. While in larger companies the formal appraisal system is a must because there are a number of employees that need to b e watched and rewarded if needed. Appraisals are meant to reward those who work hard and for those who could need a little extra boost to keep them going. This type of acknowledgment and ways to prevail over the problems are best accomplished by offering training to those who need it.

When the appraisal is done, the results should be able to tell the manager or supervisor who needs rewarded and who needs a little help. The employees should understand that the appraisal is there to help them not to hurt them. When improvements are decided on the employees, managers, and supervisors should agree on these. The employees should be able to have a say in what type of training they would be doing because if the do not like it then it would be a waste of time. The performance appraisal ought to improve an employees’ inspiration and show the way for a course to new opportunities and adventures.


Kettner, P. (2002). Achieving excellence in the management of human service organizations. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

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