Performance Essay Topics

Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture”

The concert that I chose to review was an online performance of Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture”. This overture is the finale to his Symphony No. 5. The piece that I chose was performed by the Berlin Philharmonic on October 9, 2008 and conducted by Seiji Ozawa. Ozawa has conducted orchestras in Germany, Austria, France and many… View Article

The most persuasive of three models of attorney-client relationship

            While in the attorney-client relationship, lawyers face three obligations in performance.  First, they must assume the duty of fully investigating a client’s case.  Lawyers should seek out all relevant acts.  This information is necessary to provide the client with an effective counsel.  The second duty is zealous client advocacy. These duties are sometimes at… View Article

Effect of Ability Tracking on Student Performance

            Many factors can influence students’ academic performance. Some argue that more challenging course material can put less prepared students at a disadvantage, while others argue that insufficient challenge leaves bright students bored and unmotivated. In essence, the “one size fits all” approach to curriculum has for many years been set aside in public schools… View Article

The Supremes

The Supremes were one of Motown’s most successful recording artists.  As a matter of fact, they were one of the most successful recording artists in music history.  They ruled the American music charts during the 60’s with twelve number one hit songs.  The group had gone through several substantial transformations.  The group’s name had evolved… View Article

Transforming Leadership Analysis

Introduction “The strategic environment, national guidance, and operational requirements demand that today’s US Army forces conduct operations of a type, tempo, and duration that differ significantly from those of the past. The late 20th century required a force able to execute a fixed number of deliberate war plans and prepared to provide small forces for… View Article

Triple Bottom Line

Introduction: ‘Triple Bottom Line’ is increasingly attaining popularity as a conceptual framework for the purpose of measuring the level of business performance. The term was being coined by John Elkington, in his book entitled “Cannibals with Forks: The Triple Bottom Line of 21st Century Business”. John Elkington has been the co-founder of the business consultancy… View Article

Twyla Tharp Postmodern Dance

Introduction Born in Portland, Indiana in 1941, Twyla Tharp moved with her parents to southern California, two years later when she was still a young child. In California her family owned and operated a movie theater in the city of Rialto, where she also attended school in a nearby town of San Bernardino. Tharp’s mother… View Article

Dance Review

The performance, “Dance Matters” was absolutely amazing. Walking into the theater I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect and was really excited to see the show. I got even more excited seeing that this performance was directed by my professor. There were four parts in the performance. Also, each of them had its own… View Article

Review of Schechner’s Performance Theory: Approach

Schechner’s theory has been one of the most prominent bases of knowing performance theory (). From my acknowledgement, based on Schechner’s theory, in knowing to approach/perform, Cambridge Theory seems to be the main explanation of this chapter. This theory consists of shamanism and/or Greek rites that (in Schechner’s opinion) clearly relates to theater, in addition… View Article

Different Cultures Coming Together in Tucson

The Tucson Meet Yourself Festival is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with different cultures, that live right in our city. You get to experience these great cultures that thrive in our community, by sampling the cultures food and watching and listening to their traditional dances and music. There is everything there from Vietnamese, Greek,… View Article

Tuition Is Necessily for All Students, What Do You Think?

Nowadays, tuition has become indispensable for the new generation. There are many tuition centres in our country. Tuition has also become common among students nowadays. Many of them are attending tuition classes after school. Some of them have to attend tuition classes every day even during public holidays. I agree that tuition is necessary for… View Article

Pillowman Review

The team of San- Jacinto central college performed the play “The Pillow man” originally written by Martin McDonough on 2003 in the Powell Arena Theatre. The play was about the tale of Katurian, a fiction writer who was interrogated by the two detectives Ariel and Tupoloski regarding the unpleasant stories of children written by Katurian…. View Article

The Theory of Performance

Performance theory is the broad idea that not only do we perform on stage, we perform the everyday life. With each situation we face, we must choose how to act accordingly. Performance theory questions why we perform the way we do in certain situations, and which factors affect those performances. Richard Schechner, a professor of… View Article

Comparative Paper Play School and Hi-5

Despite all the modern excitements that Network 9’s Hi-5 presents, the traditional and ABC’s Play School offers more for early learners. These two children shows are compared in the features of form, purpose, audience and social context. Hi-5 is contemporary and fast paced reflecting the modern culture whereas Play School maintains a sense of simplicity… View Article

Performance Management

Activity 1: The business life today becomes more challenging for the companies and employees, where the organizations want to attract employees with high qualifications and professional experience with lower salary. On the other side the employees looking for jobs develop their qualifications with high (or reasonable) salary. And here is the challenge. This challenge could… View Article

Sufi Dervish Whirling Analysis

Sufi whirling is a form of Sama which originated among Sufis. It is a worship ceremony in which performers spin their bodies while listening to music, in an aim to focus on God. This essay will state the inner meaning, which is focusing on God, of the Sufi whirling through analyzing the ritual’s movement, symbols… View Article

Academic Performance for Student Assistant

Generally, this research was done to determine the relationship of work attitude and academic performance of the student assistants of Olivarez College for the school year 2009-2010. This study entitled “Correlation of Work Attitude and Academic Performance of Olivarian Student Assistant: Basis for Holistic Approach-based Enhancement Program” in selected respondents in Olivarez College sought to… View Article

Bureaucratic Controls

1. Discuss bureaucratic controls such as rules, procedures, and supervision, including pros and cons? Bureaucratic controls are designed to measure progress toward set performance goals and if it is deemed necessary, to apply corrective measures to ensure that performance will achieve the manager’s objectives. Control systems will detect and correct significant variations in the results… View Article

Leader Characteristics and Foreign Policy Performance

The old saying ‘heroes are made, not born’ describes the making of leaders and leadership. The exceptional courage, nobility and strength attributes to the main character of a hero that may be brought about by a particular circumstance. Within the circumstance of a leadership referring to a President, the epitome of a hero is may… View Article

Huck Questions

1)What are the king and duke getting ready for? They are getting ready to perform lines from various plays by Shakespeare. 2)What kind of a town is Bricksville? It’s a small town which consists of people who are always trying to lynch people. 3)Why had Boggs come to town? He was drunk and he came… View Article

If I Was Given a Gift as Money

If I were given money as a gift and had a choice between buying a piece of jewelry that I like or tickets to a concert that I want to attend, I would most likely choose the concert tickets. It actually depends on what kind of concert it is but if it was about music,… View Article

The Importance of Job Analysis

There are many different types of occupations; each one requiring specific tasks to perform on the job. For example to become a social worker, not only must you have specific educational requirements but to obtain a job as a social worker you must also need specific knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics to perform the… View Article

Manage Performance

When allocating work and drawing up work plans many things need to be taken into consideration. Most importantly inputs and outs need to be determined. The manager must identify the end goal and develop and allocate work to ensure the goal is met. It is necessary to identify the strengths and weaknesses of staff to… View Article

Managing Performance at Haier(a) Case Review

In 2006 Haier was ranked the 6th largest maker of large kitchen appliance. Haier had 4% global market share and strong positions in the production of washing machine and refrigerators. Haier became successful after the arrival of Zhang as a CEO in 1985. After that Haier increased its revenue from RMB 3.48 million to RMB… View Article

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

The performance took place at the Huntington Beach High School Historic Theater. My favorite part of the whole musical was probably walking into the theater and the smell of it. The performance was already started by the time I was there because I have arrived a few minutes late. The performers were all dressed up… View Article

Performance management or performance evaluation

The basic aim of performance management is to create an environment for the employees where they can work at their best. It begins when a particular job is defined whereas it ends when the employee quits from the organization and performance management basically serves as a replacement of the traditional appraisal system. There are certain… View Article

The Traditional Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal is intended to evaluate the employees’ performances and to measure their respective work efficiency and effectiveness (Martinez, 2001). Generally, the performance of an employee is determined based on the extent he or she contributes in the achievement of the organizational goals. In this connection, every organization utilizes a systematic approach for the performance… View Article

The Issues With Faculty Performance Reviews

The peer review faculty evaluation system creates big sources of issues and confusion for a variety of reasons. Foremost among the reasons is the nature of interaction between peers in the education setting. Feedback provided, whether positive or negative, is oftentimes skewed due to personal relationships. Personal opinions that should not be present in a… View Article

Sal Malaki Concert Reaction Paper

We are very much interested in music and upon hearing that we will be watching a musical concert we felt excited. The music pieces used in concert were based on Rizal’s travelling expeditions all over Europe. It was mainly classical music and we were amazed by how Sal Malaki sang because nowadays, people are so… View Article

Pros and Cons of Pay for Performance

Pay for performance are programs designed with an aim of improving the quality of health care and to control the increasingly high cost of health care services. However, these programs are characterized by many advantages as well as disadvantages. This paper seeks to identify the objectives of pay for performance policies. It gives a discussion… View Article