The Quest for perfection

Argumentative Essay:

If you were a child with lung cancer, would you want someone to find a cure, or just live in misery for the rest of your life? Doctors Dr. Melissa Stopper and Dr. J. Burr Ross try every day to find some type of cure or treatment for patients who are battling with lung cancer. Trying to find perfection has led to many accomplishments in our society. The search for perfection leads our society to advances and saves people’s lives from misery.

The Quest for perfection doesn’t lead to misery or oppression because with that quest we have found cures for diseases like lung cancer. According to the Thomara Latimer Cancer Foundation, 2.6 percent of deaths occurred in the U.S. every year. About 564,800 people are expected to die of cancer every year. Without a way of finding a cure of treatment more than that number of people will die from lung cancer. Trying to find cures for diseases has also, provided an improvement in our daily lives.

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Medicine, prosthetics, and contact lenses wouldn’t be here right now if Robert Bartlenn, Peter Baliff of Berlin or, Sir John Herschel didn’t try to find a way to perfect deformities. Without Robert Bartlenn, we wouldn’t have the medicine to treat AIDS or even treat Breast Cancer. People like Peter Baliff, and Sir John Herschel created prosthetics and contact lenses. Their advancements and accomplishments have made this world, a better place to live.

Transportation would not be how it is today if the Wright Brothers and Karl Benz didn’t try to make their creations better.

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If we didn’t have the Wright Brothers create the first glider/airplane, we wouldn’t have “Southwest, Delta, American, or JetBlue” airlines like we do now. If it weren’t for Karl Benz we would be riding around in a “Toyota, Mazda, Benz, or Cadillac” without his creation. If we didn’t have these talented people, we would probably still be riding around on buggies and horses. Air Bags wouldn’t have been created if it wasn’t for John W. Hetrick. In 1951, he invented the air bag system. Without him we wouldn’t have the safety we have today in our cars. About more than six years ago, an investigation by the Kansas City Star newspaper found that 1,400 people may have died from in head-on or frontal collisions because they didn’t have air bags. More people could’ve died but John W. Hetrick made a creation that shocked the world.

An objection to these facts would be that obsession with plastic surgery to be perfect leads to low self-esteem. To that statement, my counterargument would be; that’s true but people have obsession with plastic surgery to fix or better prosthetics. Sometimes people use plastic surgery to make themselves feel important or have high self-esteem. Also, another objection is having discrimination against people that are not “perfect”. My refute to the statement above would be: Yes, but if everyone was the same there would be no judgment and discrimination. If everyone were the same there would be no name calling or bullying because everyone would be the same as each other. As an example, here is a quote by Gandhi: “The only difference between man and man all the world over is one degree, and not of kind, even as there is between trees of the same species.” – Mahatma Gandhi

In my opinion, I still believe the search for perfection leads our society to many advances. Without this quest we wouldn’t the cures, advances or accomplishments today! With the information I’ve provided, do you agree or disagree that the “Quest for perfection always lead to misery and oppression”?

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The Quest for perfection

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