Perception Reaction Paper Essay

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Perception Reaction Paper

The first thing my eyes go to is Tye’s sister Shane. She is playing with her hair, with a very skimpy bikini. She us a very pretty young teenager having fun listening to her friend’s IPod tanning up the sun rays. I see Shane’s friend in the background, not very noticeable other than she is the one picking out a song or she might be texting. I look a little more to the right and I see what appears to be a teenage boy probably 16 while his sister is maybe 14. Tye looks a little agitated at his sister maybe some jealousy. He is relaxed kicking back with something on his mind. With the rest of the people in the background there is a few other women tanning as well enjoying the beautiful weather. Also a couple boys that must have been out of the swimming pool for a bit are probably getting hot and ready to make their “shooting” heard. Everyone seems to be having a fun time but Tye’s face makes me wonder. Part 2

The way the parents tried to handle the situation is pretty much what I would do to my children. Not only is Tye confused about his life, but the family also with all the confusion dealing with a gender issue child. I believe an early teen has pretty much decided if they were “trapped” in another’s body. Tye is going to have a rough time through high school but when attending college he will be more social acceptable. I understand from personal experience of how confusing gender can be. I was a hard core tomboy but once my parents divorced I changed into a more girly tomboy, now just a tomboy on the inside. Part 3

Wow where do I start with on this article. I have always been that tomboy type but I never could imagine changing my outlooks such as my breasts and so on. Tye seems to know what he wants since a young child. I would have done the same thing by trying to make either my daughter or son the gender they were born with. I guess over time a parent would have to accept what the child decides to be no matter what the outcome is. Maybe, I would be as supportive after the fact is accepted. This article opened my eyes from the teenager’s eyes and understand how hard life can be to be socially accepted. Very good topic to write about.

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