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Perception of the CABEIHM Students Essay

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Perception of the CABEIHM Students

Romeo G. Fajardo (2006) stressed that the student’s success is dependent on their effectiveness, efficiency and concentration on studying and these are affected by the learning materials they use and the way they use it. Hence, the value of studying is precious and not to be squandered, no matter what the students believe regarding this matter. Study habits play a major role in academic achievement of the students because without this habit, certainly they cannot fully succeeded on their study.

Students cannot learn simply by being told what to do or by watching others, they have to practice studying frequently. Successful students employ time management system to create study patterns that work and use active learning methods to add meaning and interest to their study time and maintaining their motivation by connecting reasons for study to their life goals and values. Learners must develop and established good study habits in doing school work, which can raised their academic performance. If the students can easily develop a good study skills, this can be considered as their assets as learner.

Students can easily attain the mastery and areas of specialization and excellent performances for them to gradually attain achievements through their consistent study habits. High grades are commonly the aim of the students. According to Aguire (2004), it is not enough to simply think about studying but to actually do it or apply it. Practicing doesn’t make perfect but practice of studying can make students perfect end successful. The value of education of study habits interrelates the value of studying wherein the student can easily save time,

make every hour of studying counts, consider when they will study and accepts the thing and assurance that the students can have. High educational achievement attained by the learners in school is the primary objective of education. It cannot be achieved in a split second or snap of a finger. Many school learners fail in their studies due to their inability to cope with the daily obstacles and demands in schools. Effective study skills are about more than understanding and it must be practiced in order to improve and enable the students to perform in school properly.

It is not enough to simply “think about” studying, it must be performed. Study habits are considered as routinary activity of the students, there is a lot of things that can influence their way of studying for each passing day. Now, the trends in technology can easily catch the student’s attention. Since students are one of the target of fast changing technology, there are several web pages known as social networking site created for them and this became trending because of its several links. As time goes by, the usage of social networking site became virtual habit of the students.

Before, they were devoting their free time in studying; now they are spending more time in using social network , some uses it to improve their way of studying and others is to just enjoy the features of it. On the other hand, nowadays studies of the students are getting harder, they rely on social network because they perceive it as a tool in getting access to information easily but unfortunately this could affect their studying capabilities, focus and attention unlike before when the social network is not yet existing wherein students rely on traditional way of studying, specifically the usage of books.

The researchers opted to conduct this study because they are interested to determine the effects of the usage of social network in their study habits. Background of the study College of Accountancy Business Economics and International Hospitality Management (CABEIHM) offers five courses; BS in Accounting Management, BS in Accountancy, BS in Business Administration, BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management and BS in Tourism Management. It has the most numbered students who are also using social network in their study. Considering this, it is

interesting to determine their perception regarding the social networking effects on their study habits. The researchers opted to conduct this study because they will be determining if the respondents can clearly indicate their perception on the effects of emerging social networking in their study habits. Setting of the Study The study of the Perception of the CABEIHM Students on the Effect of Social Networking on their Study Habits The respondents will be 200 CABEIHM Students who are selected from 1st – 4th year.

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